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coq10 coenzyme reishi mushroom extract ganoderma lucidum absorption heart health energy ★SUPERIOR ABSORPTION – Easy to absorb form of a key nutrient that powers and protects heart vitality, cardiovascular health and cellular energy. CoQ10 also supplies antioxidant support to the heart, where it is naturally concentrated. ★BENEFICIAL TO STATIN USERS – CoQ10 levels in the heart and body may begin to naturally decline when we get older. The body’s ability to absorb CoQ10 decreases with age, while statin for cholesterol may deplete the body’s CoQ10 levels. GANOHERB CoQ10 capsules can quickly restore your body’s CoQ10 to ideal levels. ★ESSENTIAL FOR ENERGY PRODUCTION – CoQ10 is a natural coenzyme that plays an important role in the production of 95% of the energy used by organs. It helps energize cells and an antioxidant that helps protect cells, which enhance vitality across many body systems ★FORMULATED WITH REISHI MUSHROOM – Elevate immune support to high level with GANOHERB USDA organic reishi mushroom extract: This immune booster is what you need daily to keep healthy and avoid the common cold, which has been used for centuries. ★TOP QUALITY GUARANTEE – Our CoQ10 capsules are manufactured under strict GMP Standards in an FDA-Registered Facility from the finest ingredients, Our premium CoQ10 supplements are FREE of soy, gluten, milk, egg, wheat, FMOs, or shellfish. They contain NO Artificial colors, Binders or Preservatives and are all natural.

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