Two Days One Night Trip Of BIg Vs In Seeking Ganoderma

- Jun 29, 2018-

On June 22nd, a total of 15 key opinion leaders (KOL) were invited to visit Pucheng, a poetic and picturesque county, from Netease Fujian, Tencent Fujian  Eating in Fuzhou, Xiamen Local News, Quanzhou WeLife, Fuzhou Headline, Xiamen Xiamen, Xiamen Express-News, Fuzhou Full Contact, About Fuzhou City, Pucheng Window etc. They were going to launch a two-day exploration of GANOHERB Organic Ganoderma Farms.


The KOL group hiked into the deep Wuyi Mountains. After a long drive through rugged mountain roads, they finally arrived at GANOHERB Organic Ganoderma Tea Scenery Base and began to record a wonderful tour of seeking Ganoderma.


Listening to the ancient legends of Lingzhi, learning some common sense about LIngzhi, and taking some pictures of Ganoderma, the KOL group showed their talents in giving GANOHERB thumps up.


Next, the KOL group visited the GMP factory and exhibition hall of GANOHERB and major cultural attractions in Pucheng for learning more about GANOHERB and Pucheng Culture.


In recent years, the social influence of GANOHERB has been continuously strengthened. Apart from its own brand advantages, it is also indispensable for public support and supervision suggestions of media and opinion leaders from all walks of life. GANOHERB showed its own raw materials and origins under the lens and let the whole society witness the quality of organic Ganoderma cultivated by GANOHERB . This organized tour for KOL group not only builds momentum for the atmosphere of the International Ganoderma Lucidum Culture Festival but also paves the way for the vigorous promotion of Ganoderma culture to the whole country and even the whole world.