To Solve Your High Blood Pressure,healthy Ganoderma Get Secured

- Jun 28, 2017-

   Many people don't know that the current high blood pressure has been included in the global scope of major public health problems, it is also the most common kind of cardiovascular disease, but also a continuous increase in arterial blood pressure as the main manifestation of chronic diseases, and People who have symptoms of hypertension often accompanied by high blood lipids, hyperglycemia and other diseases, so people with high blood pressure should be early to improve high blood pressure, so as not to bring greater harm to the body for ganoderma supplier.

    Injection is the way most people choose the way, because in such a way is fast, spend less time, which is the characteristics of Western medicine, of course, will lead to a series of problems, that is, after eating high blood pressure Down, do not take medicine after the high blood pressure will rise, eat a period of time after the resistance and lost the previous efficacy, for other drugs after the problem will still occur, resulting in high blood pressure recurrence, making the disease more The more serious, more and more difficult to cure.

       The main reason for the formation of hypertension in the following points:

       1, obese people, too obese their blood vessels within the more fat, resulting in greatly increased the density of blood, so the blood required to pass the blood vessels must have a higher pressure to pass, so the pressure will be accompanied by vascular Of the increase, thus forming a high blood pressure.

       2, the blood vessels within the wall there are deposits (blood lipids, metabolic products) and blood vessels blocked, the blood flow process will make part of the material deposited in the blood vessels (as the same scale), so that the blood vessels narrow the channel, and then Blood volume of the same circumstances, must be in the same amount of time the same amount of blood through the blood vessels, and therefore need more blood pressure to promote the blood to accelerate the flow of blood, blood flow speed directly lead to the pressure on the blood vessel wall , Thus producing high blood pressure.

       3, the amount of blood caused by the lack of blood pressure caused by the need to ensure that each organ needs nutrition, so we must speed up the flow of blood, which have more times to the same organ, so as to ensure the supply of nutrition, this kind of The situation is also an important cause of high blood pressure.

 Chinese medicine is broad and profound, but one thing is the time to drag on for a long time, according to the current life of the steps, fear is not how many people have too much time to see Chinese medicine, so also get some medicine on the bin. Chinese medicine is characterized by "internal and external, from the fundamental solution to medical illness, not repeated", which is more than Western medicine, "a temporary solution to" a lot of clever.

        Ganoherb research for many years of  from Ganoderma lucidum spore powder or Ganoderma lucidum containing active ingredients Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides, triterpenoids, adenine nucleosides and other substances for the regulation of blood pressure has a very good effect. Ganoderma lucidum spore powder is a Chinese herbal medicine, its fundamental role is to improve the body's immunity. Its active ingredients Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides, can stimulate the secretion of insulin, reduce blood glucose levels, accelerate blood microcirculation, improve blood oxygen capacity; triterpenoids, can reduce blood cholesterol, to avoid blood vessel obstruction and reduce blood concentration, blood More easily through the blood vessels; adenine nucleoside, can inhibit platelet aggregation, prevent thrombosis, so that the blood faster through the blood vessels.

Xianzhi floor daily life Friendly reminder:

      1, every day to eat salt should be strictly controlled at 2-5 grams, reduce the consumption of soy sauce, soy sauce, 3-5 ml equivalent to 1 gram of salt. Salted, sauerkraut, bacon, pickled products, clams shellfish, shrimp, preserved eggs, and chrysanthemum dishes, grass head, water spinach and other vegetables are high sodium, should try to eat or eat. The same time as the above-

      2, potassium-rich foods in the recipe often "appearance" is not only directly beneficial to the control of blood pressure, but also to avoid the side effects of some antihypertensive drugs. Growers such as amaranth, rape and green onions, fruits such as bananas, dates, peaches, oranges and so on are rich in vegetables, such as banana, juices, peaches, peanuts, potatoes, bamboo shoots, lean meat, fish, poultry, Potassium