The Municipal Guilin For Science And Technology Bureau Visited Ganoherb

- Nov 02, 2017-

On the October 31 afternoon, Guilin Municipal Science and Technology Bureau Tang Jianmei, deputy director of the line, accompanied by the relevant leaders of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau came to the immortal building inspection research. Group Chairman Assistant Li Chen, Chief Engineer Wu Changhui accompanied by reception.

In the first floor of the Ganoderma of reishi wholesale culture exhibition hall, the study group listened to the general manager of our company in the breeding of bacteria, base construction and scientific research and innovation, product development and other fields of development, Wall technology and related Ganoderma lucidum product characteristics.

Tang Jianmei, deputy director of the Division I vigorously invested in Ganoderma research of reishi supplier, adhere to the independent innovation of the attitude to give a positive evaluation. She said that the development of Ganoherb is refreshing will bring the Group's construction experience back to promote the transformation of Guilin enterprises to the direction of technological development better.