The Awarding Ceremony Of The International Cultrual Festival Of Ganoderma Lucidum Ganoherb Cup Photography Contest Was Successfully Concluded

- Nov 16, 2017-

On the afternoon of November 11, a grand presentation ceremony  of " Ganoherb Cup" Photography Contest which hosted by Ganoderma was held at the headquarters of the Group, with 39 excellent photograph s presenting "the traditional and technological beauty of Ganoderma lucidum of Ganoderma wholesale " be exhibited exquisitely in the group hall.



Vice Mayor of Fuzhou Municipal People's Government Yan Ke Shi, Party Secretary of Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences Yong gong Chen, chairman of the International Ganoderma Research Institute and the professor of Peking University School of Medicine Lin Zhibin, the president of Ganoderma Group Li Ye, the National Joint Engineering Research Center experts Deputy director of the Committee, researcher Li Shuzhen, researcher of Kangzhou Biopharmaceutical Research Center, Fuzhou, and other experts and scholars from the industry as well as experts from the field of photography such as Shan Fu from AIPA (China) Fujian Branch and Wang Fuping, Vice Chairman of Fujian Provincial Tourism Photography Association Attended the ceremony together.


The photo shows President introduced the photo exhibition to Vice Mayor Yan Kezhong (center)



The photo shows the leadership, experts and photography association members attended the ceremony

The ceremony was presided over by Li Xiaoyu, vice president of Ganoherb. According to her introduction, Ganoherb Cup photography contest began collecting photographs from July 5, 2017, and received a total of more than 300 works just after three months, through diverse styles, multi-angle, multi-level to reflects the tender beauty of Ganoderma lucidum , The natural beauty of the base, and the technological beauty of Ganoderma lucidum of Ganoderma supplier. After the selection of judges, a total of 39 winning photographs were selected.



The photo shows president Li Ye delivered a speech at the awarding ceremony

At the ceremony, President Li Ye presents Ganoherb first to deliver a speech to all guests: The first International Ganoderma Culture Festival spans more than three months and is divided into five major events, namely, identifying, finding, appreciating, listening. Received wide attention from Ganoderma lucidum industry,  photography circle and many participants. And the awarding day of the photography contest which hosted by Ganoherb is not only the hottest double 11 festival for Chinese people, but also another Ganoderma lucrative event - the first anniversary of the International Ganoderma lucubrium Conference in 2016, which is of great significance to Ganmoherb. It witnessed Ganoherb always adhere to the social responsibility of heritage Ganoderma culture since its inception.


The photo shows the chairman of the International Ganoderma Research Institute and the professor of Peking University School of Medicine speeches on stage


The chairman of the International Ganoderma Research Institute and the professor of Peking University School of Medicine speeches on stage. He excpressed the International Institute of Ganoderma lucidum Research Association, Professor Lin Zhibin Peking University School of Medicine also invited to speak, he said that this International Ganoderma cultural Festival and the International Ganoderma  International Conference which hold in 2016, both them are the industry even the world's rare Ganoderma culture festival, and careful inheritance of chinese traditional culture. As the leading enterprise of Ganoderma lucidum industry, Ganoherb has done a good job in the research and cultural heritage of Ganoderma lucidum. He also hope that through this festival, more people will involve in the inheritance of Ganoderma lucidum culture, so that the industry Ganoderma lucidum tomorrow even more brilliant.


The photo shows the president Shan Fu of AIPA (China) Fujian Branch of the International Association of Photographers in the United States delivered his speech

As a senior photography predecessor, but also one of the judges of this competition, the United States International Photographers Association AIPA (China) Fujian Branch Chairman Shan Fu published the contest's feelings, he said that the purpose of marine photography association and Ganoherb jointly organized this photography contest is to show the traditional cultural beauty of Ganoderma lucidum in an elegant form, so that more people can discover the essence of Ganoderma lucidum culture and experience the healthy and happy brought by Ganoderma lucidum of Reishi supplier.

Subsequently, the award ceremony officially announced 39 awarded works, including first prize 1, second prize 3, third prize 5, 30 outstanding awards selected by the well-known domestic photographers, scholars in the fair, just and open principles. 



The photo shows the honored guests awarded honorary certificates, trophies and prizes for the winners

The first prize of the competition was won by Dong Zhen, a member of the marine photography association. Her group photos, "Beautiful Ganoderma lucidum". It depicts the beauty of all kinds of postures of Ganoderma lucidum with documentary images, shows the good and auspicious meaning of Ganoderma lucidum. When she came to accept the award on stage, teacher Dong once choked out her indissoluble bond with Ganoderma lucidum. Turns out, she is not only a photography enthusiast, but also a cancerous person who successfully spent as long as 18 years relying on Ganoderma lucidum of Ganoherb. It is precisely because she has such a deep source with ganoderma lucidum that she could create so emotional Ganoderma theme works.



The photo shows Vice Mayor Yan awarded honorary certificates, trophies and prizes for the first prize winners


 Art, from life, above life. The photography contest will integrate art into the healthy life, to make the beautiful life more picture and substantial, with a small ganoderma grass, pass the health culture, foundry healthy industry. As the host of this event, Ganoherb spares no efforts to spread Ganoderma lucidum of Reishi wholesale culture and organically integrate science and technology innovation with Ganoderma lucidum culture to fully tap the magical effect of "Lingcao Ganoderma lucidum" so as to better serve human health and finally realize the escort of Healthy Chinese dream.



The photo shows the leading guests who participate in the award ceremony took a photo in the hall of Ganoherb