The Party And Government Delegation Of Linyao County Of Gansu Province Visited GANOHERB

- Jul 24, 2018-

On the afternoon of July 13, Choushan District Party Secretary Cai Fuyong accompanied the party and government delegation headed by Secretary Shi Lin of Linyao County Committee of Gansu Province to visit Fujian Xianzhilou Biological Science & Technology Co., Ltd. in Jinshan Juyuanzhou Industrial Park.


Li Ye (left), President of GANOHERB, introduced the equipment in operation for Secretary Shi Lin (right) at the experimental center.


 Chairman Li Wei (left) introduced the company's product features to the delegation.

President Li Ye and Vice President Li Xiaoyu introduced GANOHERB's Ganoderma planting base, scientific research center, product research and development for the delegation. Both sides discussed the cultivation of the local medicinal materials, the deep processing of the products, and the development of new health products based on the medicinal materials in the two places.


Through this inspection, Linyao County delegation said that their visit was fruitful and expressed the hope to further promote the cooperation between the two places in the Chinese herbal medicine industry and seek common development.



Gansu is the main producing area of Chinese medicinal materials such as Codonopsis, Angelica, and Astragalus. The medicinal material is also the main industry in Linyao County for poverty alleviation and peasants' income increase.” Secretary Shi Lin said, “GANOHERB has done a good job in upgrading the industry of Ganoderma herbal medicine and realized the large-scale standardized Reishi planting base, which is worthy of our study. We also hope that with the innovative model of GANOHERB, we will continue to develop the intensive processing business of specialty medicinal materials, extend the industrial chain and increase the added value."



During the discussion, President Li Ye expressed that GANOHERB warmly welcomed Linyao agricultural enterprises to have business cooperation, was also very willing to train professional technicians in the field of planting and processing Ganoderma lucidum for Linyao, and promoted Fujian advanced Lingzhi research technology to Gansu so as to increase local farmers’ income and to push local economic development. At the same time, President Li also hoped that after Ganoderma lucidum is officially included in the dual-use list of medicines and foods, more new products will be developed to promote the resource integration of the medicinal materials industry in the two regions. Fuzhou Cangshan District Government will also coordinate and guide the follow-up cooperation.