Science And Technology Of Dingxi City Bureau Lead A Trip To Build Inspection Study

- Sep 05, 2017-

On the afternoon of September 1st, Hou Junfeng, deputy director of Dingxi Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Huang Junde, director of the office, and He Xiaoqian, vice president of Dingxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, visited the group headquarters to investigate and discuss cooperation. City Science and Technology Bureau of party members, deputy researcher Lin Yaping and other relevant leaders to accompany inspection. General Manager Zhang Hua, general manager of Ganoherb Technology Zhang Qiaoxia and other warm reception to visit the guests.

Research team and his party visit and understand the company's product category planning in the exhibition hall 



Ganoherb General Manager Zhang Qiaoxia, the company's development process, scientific research strength, product planning, etc. were introduced in detail. Production Chief Engineer Wu Changhui in the subsequent forum, reported the immortal floor in the new product development, quality system construction and other aspects of the work of ideas and plans.



Hou Junfeng, deputy director of the cultural exhibition hall to visit and listen to the introduction of the scientific research strength and development direction of the immortal floor, and expressed the desire to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the immortal floor.


According to Hou, deputy director of the introduction, Dingxi City, rich in Chinese herbal medicine resources, planting a long history, known as "Millennium medicine", said Astragalus, Scutellaria, Codonopsis, licorice, angelica and other authentic herbs "reputation", but the advantages of deep processing It is not obvious, Ganoherb is the benchmarking enterprises in the Ganoderma lucidum industry, in the Ganoderma supplier varieties breeding, Pieces processing, the effective ingredients extraction, health care products to develop the whole industry chain and other experience, which Dingxi angelica and other traditional Chinese herbal medicine deep processing and Single product continuation of great reference.

After the seminar, the research group and his party took a group photo in the company hall.