Quanzhou Association For Science And Technology Visit GANOHERB Academician Workstation

- Jan 24, 2018-

On January 23, Quanzhou Association for Science and Technology Party members and vice chairman Zheng Huasheng and his entourage came to GANOHERB Group, cents Zhilou Academy of Sciences workstation stations to investigate the situation. Fuzhou Association for Science and Technology Party members, Vice Chairman Wu Li and other related leaders to accompany inspection.


Wu Chang-hui, chief engineer to introduce Vice President Zheng Wusheng Ganoderma spore powder of reishi supplier origin

Accompanied by Wu Changhui, chief engineer of R & D center, Quanzhou CAST and his entourage visited Ganoderma Culture Exhibition Hall of the Group and learned about the enterprise development history, achievements of scientific research and characteristics of Ganoderma lucidum products. In the subsequent discussion, Chief Engineer Wu Chang-hui made a report on the construction of Xianzhi House Academician's Expert Workstations. Under the guidance and joint efforts of the expert team of experts, the company introduced technological innovation, introduction of talents, transformation of scientific research achievements, etc. A series of results achieved.

In the report, the inspection team learned that as early as in 2010, reishi of GANOHERB cooperated with Chinese Academy of Engineering Yu Dequan and researcher Chen Ruoyun to set up the first academician expert workstation in Fuzhou agriculture system. Since establishing the station, Academician expert workstation "" Fujian province academician expert demonstration workstation "" Fuzhou Top ten academician workstation "" national demonstration academician expert workstation "and other honors.

Since the establishment of the station, the company's research and innovation ability has been significantly improved, the company also achieved leapfrog development: the first commitment to national research projects; invention patents from the station before the 3 to 20; cumulative achievement of more than 10 achievements, to achieve Improve the company's technology and product upgrading, and achieved good economic and social benefits.

After listening to the report, Vice Chairman Zheng highly praised the achievements made by the academician workstation of the company and praised the cecilia floor in the academician workstation "Very good, this is the strength of science and technology, the strength of talent, this is the real skill!