Quality Standardization & Marketing Legalization -- The Conditions For The Promotion Of Ganoderma Culture

- Jul 23, 2018-

When the essence of Ganoderma culture is “preventing and treating diseases”, when Ganoderma culture is mainly manifested in “cultivating the habit of eating Ganoderma”, when the aim of Ganoderma culture is “to take care of the health of all human beings”, these must be supported by the “stable and effective” Ganoderma products. Only in this way can the Ganoderma culture be carried forward all over the world.

To make stable and effective Ganoderma products, we must follow the instructions proposed by  Director Zhang Jinsong from the Edible Fungi Institute of Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences in the keynote speech of "Ganoderma and Massive Health":

All the links from raw materials to sales must be strictly controlled, that is, the whole process including product variety selection, cultivation, harvesting, processing, and extraction of active ingredients shall be standardized so as to ensure that each batch of products has the same safety and efficacy. Besides, the marketing of Reishi products must be legalized without false or exaggerated propaganda. Only by doing so can Ganoderma can be accepted by the public.

Director Zhang Jinsong, who has been studying Ganoderma for 20 years, also pointed out in his speech that the most important concept of the so-called "massive health" is to reduce illness or disease by means of preventive health care. The possibility of preventive treatment of disease with Ganoderma is as broad as the previous introduction by Professor Lin Zhibin. The key to the development of Lingzhi products in the massive health industry is subject to the quality standardization and propaganda legalization of Ganoderma products.

From the consumer's point of view, if you want to experience a stable effect of Ganoderma, you need to choose Ganoderma products carefully, particularly in the respect of whether the product has been labeled with national certificate such as the” blue cap” of health food. Besides, you need to be concerned with the follows: 

whether the product is made of a specific variety of Ganoderma.

whether the product is planted at a specific Ganoderma base.

whether there is any fixed cultivation mode and harvesting time at the Ganoderma farm.

whether the product is processed in a specific factory with a standardized workflow.

whether the factory has relevant quality indicators to monitor the safety and active ingredients of raw materials and products.