Provincial CPPCC Association Sponsored The Field Study Ganoherb Academician Workstation

- Sep 30, 2017-

On the morning of September 27th, the provincial CPPCC association and his party and his party, under the leadership of the Standing Committee of the Provincial CPPCC, the Director of the Population, Resources and Environment Committee, Ye Mukai, came to Ganoherb to visit the construction of the expert workshop of the company. And academicians team cooperation projects, and further enhance the academicians workstations service enterprise innovation and development capabilities. Group Vice President Li Xiaoyu accompanied by reception.


Vice President Li Xiaoyu briefed the provincial CPPCC on the development of the company

In the fairy floor brand culture exhibition hall, Li Xiaoyu, vice president of the provincial CPPCC Association of the leadership of the company to visit the company to guide the work of the sincere welcome, and briefly introduced the company more than 20 years of development and achievements of the honor.


Group chief engineer Wu Changhui site report academician station station situation

Subsequent forums chief engineer Wu Changhui chief engineer on-site report of the "cents Chibi academician workstation," the basic situation and work to carry out the results of the report, and since the establishment of the company in technological innovation, the results of conversion, R & D team building has made a larger breakthrough. Fairchild House academician station has also been rated as "Fujian Province top ten academicians expert workstation", "Fujian Province academician expert demonstration workstation", "2016 annual academician expert workstation" and "Fuzhou top ten academicians workstation" honorary title.


Provincial CPPCC Division leaders to listen to the report and provide guidance

After listening to the report, the provincial science association Yang Jiangfan secretary, the city Association for the special secretary of the Secretary for the speech, the work of the company's academic staff to give a high degree of evaluation, that "fairy House academician station since the station has a clear direction, commitment to work, Effective performance of ganoderma supplier, talent two-way training mechanism, played a very good innovation and the first role, "and briefly introduced the province, the city academician workstation overall situation.


Finally, the director of the Ye Mukai in the affirmation of the work of the workstations of the academician of the factory, but also on the innovative work mechanism, system, and better play the "model academician workstation" take the lead role, increase the academic staff of the propaganda work The guidance of the hope that the departments and enterprises here ganoderma , continue to build scientific research platform, and strive to build the academician station to lead the enterprise science and technology innovation platform, cultivate high-level talent base, and jointly promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.