Nanchang City Science And Technology Association Research Group Came to Investigate The Academician Workstation Of GanoHerb

- Aug 01, 2018-

On the morning of July 27th, Sun Qunli, Party Secretary of the Association of Science and Technology of Nanchang City, led a research group to Fuzhou High-tech Zone for investigation of the academician station of GanoHerb accompanied by relevant leaders such as Wu Li, Vice Chairman of Fuzhou Science and Technology Association.


Wu Changhui, Chief Engineer of the company's R&D center, introduced the spore powder 

cell wall-breaking technology to Secretary Sun (second from right)


The research group learned about GanoHerb's Ganoderma products

The research group first visited GanoHerb Reishi cultural exhibition hall to get a brief understanding of the development achievements of GanoHerb in the fields of base construction, scientific research and deep processing. In the following discussion, they heard the report of Wu Changhui, chief engineer of GanoHerb's R&D center, on the progress of the establishment of the academician workstation.


In the report, the research group learned that GanoHerb had established the first academician workstation of Fuzhou Agricultural System in cooperation with Academician Yu Dequan and Researcher Chen Ruoyun from the Chinese Academy of Engineering as early as 2010. With the support and help of provincial and municipal science associations for many years, after the establishment of the GanoHerb Academician workstation, GanoHerb's scientific research and innovation capabilities have been significantly improved, and the invention patents increased to 20 items from 3 items before the construction of the station. The achievement transformation has reached more than 10 items. GanoHerb has also set a number of industry standards, group standards, local standards on Ganoderma . Meanwhile, GanoHerb achieved leap-forward development in project cooperation and personnel training as well as "double harvest" in economic and social benefits. 


After listening to the report, Secretary Sun highly praised the achievements of the company's academician workstations and encouraged GanoHerb to make full use of the high-end production and research platform of the academician workstations to strengthen project research and development, strengthen personnel training, accelerate the introduction and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprise products and technologies.