Liu Jun Came To GANOHERB To Conduct Research Work

- Aug 27, 2018-

On August 23, Liu Jun, a member of the Party Committee and Vice Chairman of the Fujian Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, accompanied by Chen Hao, Vice Chairman of the Fuzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce, went to the Fujian GANOHERB Group to conduct a special investigation on the risk prevention and mitigation of private enterprises.


Accompanied by Li Xiaoyu, vice president of GANOHERB Group, the research team visited GANOHERB Ganoderma lucidum cultural exhibition hall and expressed their sincere admiration for the development achievements of GANOHERB group in the fields of scientific research, planting, processing and export.


At the meeting, Vice President Li Xiaoyu made a report to the research team on relevant issues in the field of foreign trade. It is pointed out that due to the recent changes in the international trade environment, the import and export business of GANOHERB Group has been affected to some extent, but the company insists on implementing the brand strategy, maintaining the high quality and innovation of products, forming the individualized advantages of products and creating global leading brand of Ganoderma Lucidum. GANOHERB actively implements the strategy of going global and opens up new markets. Currently, GANOHERB has exported organic Ganoderma to more than 30 countries around the world, minimizing the risk of trade friction.

The research team conducted in-depth exchanges on the possible difficulties of the company in terms of finance, talents, policies, business environment, etc., affirming that GANOHERB has always maintained the adoption of the requirements of international standards to regulate the production and management of enterprises, utilizes the strategic vision of internationalization to lay out the market and firmly implement the innovation-driven development strategy. The research group highly affirmed GANOHERB's measures in the traditional Chinese medicine healthcare industry to continuously promote management innovation, technological innovation, and cultural innovation. It is said that the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce will also conduct research, deepen the contact with the enterprise, synthesize industry opinions, optimize the business environment, and stimulate the vitality of the private economy.