India: Ganoderma Lucidum Triterpenes Significantly Reduce Radiotherapy Damage

- Sep 14, 2017-


Irradiation of radiation (commonly known as electrotherapy or radiotherapy) is one of the ways to treat cancer, but like chemotherapy drugs, patients must bear the side effects of radiation damage to normal cells. Many people suffering from Ganoderma lucidum cancer have felt, in the auxiliary treatment of Ganoderma lucidum, can significantly reduce the release, chemotherapy, physical discomfort. In the past, studies have shown that Ganoderma lucidum can reduce the radiation (radiation) damage, but the object seems to be Ganoderma lucidum water extract or Ganoderma lucidum of reishi supplier polysaccharide mainly.

In fact, Ganoderma triterpenoids also have a protective effect. This year (2016) at the end of January, the research team at the Amala Cancer Research Center in India published in the "Redox Report" study, that is, first give the mouse 'Ganoderma lucidum solid triterpenoids total extract 14 days, and then its body exposure In the gamma ray (γ-radiation), and then analysis of its 'liver, brain tissue oxidative damage degree' and 'lymph, bone marrow cell DNA breakage', to assess the ability of Ganoderma triterpenoids.

The results showed that the levels of lipid peroxides and protein oxides in mice, liver and brain tissues protected by Ganoderma lucidum triterpenes were very close to the normal values before radiology, and the two Antioxidant enzyme activity, and glutathione GSH content, also maintained at a considerable level, not affected by radiation too much, while lymphocytes and bone marrow cells chromosomal DNA break the situation, than did not eat Ganoderma triterpenoids Mice were significantly reduced.

The results show that Ganoderma triterpenoids can really make a large part of the radiation damage to the invisible, if the first to take the total extract of Ganoderma lucidum of ganoderma wholesaletriterpene for some time, then accept radiotherapy, should be able to minimize the damage.