Honey DIY - Honey With Ganoderma Lucidum

- Dec 26, 2018-

1. Honey & Ganoderma Lucidum Drink


Honey with Ganoderma lucidum helps regulate the mood and is suitable

 for people with neurasthenia or palpitation.

2. Ingredients


The ingredients include log-cultivated Ganoderma lucidum and naturally matured honey.


Prepare 10g of Ganoderma lucidum slices


Prepare 20g of naturally matured acacia honey

3. Preparation Method


Step 1: Wash Reishi slices with warm water and boil these slices

 with mountain spring water for 20 minutes;


Step 2: Take the juice and rest for 40 mins. Wait until the temperature 

of the Ganoderma lucidum juice reaches about 40 degrees, 

then add the spare honey;

4. Directions


                         1)  The prepared honey and Ganoderma lucidum drink is suitable for serving hot.


2) Prepare the amount to drink according to the need and keep other 

Ganoderma lucidum juice in the refrigerator. While drinking, 

heat or add an appropriate amount of warm water and then add honey.

5. Effect of Honey with Ganoderma Lucidum


Ganoderma lucidum has the effect of tranquilizing the mind, and acacia 

honey can play a hypnotic role before sleep. Therefore, honey and 

Lingzhi have obvious effects on improving sallow complexion, 

restless palpitations, mental fatigue, and haggard appearance 

caused by long-term insomnia and neurasthenia.


Ganoderma lucidum, known as the "fairy grass", helps nourish the 

heart qi, kidney qi,  benefit pneuma and has a sedative effect. Honey 

can nourish vital energy. Both have the effect of aiding sleep. Besides 

Ganoderma Lucidum, taking honey with Ganoderma spore powder 

has a better effect. Honey with Ganoderma spore oil has the best effect.