GANOHERB Showed A Scientific Style On National Popular Science Day

- Sep 19, 2018-

There were exhibitions of Ganoderma Lucidum bonsais, Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Oil, Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder and other Ganoderma Lucidum products as well as the live demonstration of cell-wall broken Ganoderma Lucidum by the electron microscope ... On September 15th, GANOHERB fully exhibited its scientific style in Fuzhou Helin Ecological Park on 2018 National Popular Science Day. 


September 15th is the National Popular Science Day, which is held in the third week of September each year. It has been held for 14 consecutive times and has become the most popular science festival. This event closely followed the theme of “Innovation Leads The Era and Wisdom Lightens The Life”, and created the most interesting, participatory and ornamental annual science popular feast – “Science Carnival”.

In the section of “Introduction of Foreign Knowledge and Assist Fujian", as one of the “2016 National Demonstration Academician Workstations”units, GANOHERB  displayed the difference before and after the cell wall of the Ganoderma Lucidum spores were broken under the electron microscope. In addition, the exquisite Ganoderma bonsais were also a highlight of the scene, which attracted relevant provincial leaders including Zhou Lianqing, Wu Hongqin and Ruan Shiwei to stop by the booth, make inquiries and taste organic reishi tea drinks peculiar to GANOHERB.



President Li Ye made introductions for the provincial leaders including Zhou Lianqing, Wu Hongqin and Ruan Shiwei.

Moreover, there were a lot of parents and children interested in the scene, some of them were curious to observe the bonsais of Ganoderma lucidum, some focused on the spores, and some were attracted by the wonderful Ganoderma lucidum science album. Through their active participation, most of them experienced the magic and charm of the combination of Lingzhi and the modern science.


The audience tasted GANOHERB“s organic Lingzhi tea


The spectators scrambled to experience the observation of cell-wall breaking of Ganoderma Lucidum under the microscope

In fact, as early as 2010, GANOHERB established the first academician workstation of Fuzhou Agricultural System in cooperation with Academician Yu Dequan of the Institute of Materia Medica of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. Since the establishment of the station, the company has achieved some big breakthroughs in the technological innovation, the transformation of results, and the R&D team construction.  

In recent years, GANOHERB has transformed the scientific and technological achievements of the academician workstations, successfully applied them to technological upgrading and product development, and carried out more than ten projects such as “modern processing technology for medicinal fungi” with remarkable achievements. GANOHERB Academician Workstations have also been awarded the honorary title of “Fujian Provincial Top Ten Academician Expert Workstation”, “Fujian Provincial Academician Expert Demonstration Workstation”, “2016 Demonstration Academician Expert Workstation” and “Fuzhou Top Ten Academician Workstation”.

By participating in this popular science exhibition, GANOHERB hopes to let more people feel the magical change of traditional Ganoderma lucidum under modern technology, truly experience the fun of scientific health-preservation by taking Ganoderma lucidum, let more people know Ganoderma lucidum, understand Ganoderma lucidum and fall in love with Ganoderma lucidum as well as inherit and innovate the traditional Reishi Mushroom culture with the ingenuity.