Ganoherb Oassed Through The Four Countries Organic Certification Audit For 11 Years

- Jul 19, 2017-

Recently, following the GLOBAL GAP (Global Good Agricultural Practice Certification) annual audit certification, Ganoherb once again passed the annual review of China, the United States, Japan, the European Union organic certification, which in Fujian and even the national Ganoderma lucidum enterprises, no Second one.

During the 10-day organic certification review, the inspectors from the ECOCERT Certification Center went to each of the immortalized Ganoderma Organic Ecological Base, the processing plant, the ecological environment of Ganoderma lucidum, planting management, production and processing, transportation and distribution Operation and management links were carried out a serious on-site investigation, inquiry, data records. And in the organic Ganoderma lucidum planting base, Xianzhi floor production workshop, the warehouse of raw materials or finished samples were randomly sampled 300 strict pesticide residue assessment.

It is understood that China, the United States, Japan, the European Union organic certification, is the world's representative and authoritative organic agriculture certification, is a strict food safety certification, can also be certified by four Ganoderma enterprises in the world are rare. The EU and China organic certification, for example, at least meet the following three conditions: 1. More than 95% of food must be organic raw materials, the rest must also be included in the organic standard allowed to use the processing aids; 2 production is strictly prohibited Genetically modified organisms and their products, do not use chemical synthesis of pesticides, fertilizers, growth regulators, etc., shall not use radiation technology; 3. Must respect the natural systems and recycling, the need for sustainable agricultural technology to maintain sustained and stable development It is possible to obtain. It can be seen that the four organic certification of the high standards of production enterprises, demanding.

Since 2006, has passed the global GAP certification and the United States, Japan, the European Union since the organic certification, Xianzhi Building has always been in strict accordance with the quality standards of organic Ganoderma lucidum, the base of standardized and standardized management, put an end to the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides; In the process, pay attention to the introduction of safe, advanced technology and equipment to ensure the quality and safety of Ganoderma lucidum products. The use of health food safety traceability system, so that the whole process of Ganoderma controllability and traceability.

It is important that, with the global GAP certification, China, the United States, Japan, the EU organic certification is only valid for one year, after the expiration of the need to re-certification. In particular, the EU organic certification will be the annual certification of enterprises from time to time to visit the inspection and investigation, so that it can not be relaxed in the production process, such a stringent certification standards and systems, creating a cents Chicken Ganoderma lucidum spores, broken spores Powder, Kang Ai Chi Po and other well-known Ganoderma lucidum products impeccable quality.