Ganoherb Help Public To Improve Interest In Adolescent Children Inner World

- Sep 19, 2017-

With the rapid development of society and the economy, the city has become addicted to the hustle and bustle. In such an environment, many adolescent children will appear poor communication, easy to temper, addicted to mobile phones, love comparisons, puppy love, loneliness, depression and other psychological problems, so many families miserable.


  On the morning of September 17th, the Xianzhi Building Group sponsored the Aisha School, and the two sides joined hands to launch the "rebellion, but the Sun Wukong - adolescent parents' public class" charitable activities aimed at calling more families to pay attention to the mental health of adolescent children. Many families are no longer distressing for the behavior of the child. Xiizhi floor to the charity courses sponsored by the value of nearly ten thousand yuan of Ganoderma Health Gifts, and hope that through the psychological aspects of the child's publicity, so that more families to pay attention to the child's growth process, so that children have a healthy and the beautiful future.

  "Heritage of the Millennium health culture, to create a national health project" is immortal building has been adhering to the corporate philosophy, immortal building to promote corporate brand building at the same time, always regarded social responsibility as the most precious wealth, positive enthusiastic public welfare, And constantly enhance the corporate image and value, and throughout.


  The company perennial organization of staff condolences to the elderly, orphans and other vulnerable groups and cancer patients need to help the special crowd, send them warmth. In the future, Xianzhi House will continue to be committed to helping young people for ganoderma wholesale, students, economic difficulties, anti-cancer and other charity, contribute to the public welfare.