Ganoderma More Effective, "protect The Intestinal Barrier" Is The Key

- Mar 30, 2017-

Are you confused about the many effects of Ganoderma lucidum on this rule? Listening to Peking University Li Weidong associate professor in the 2016 second session of the Chinese Ganoderma Conference speech, will suddenly see the light. Sticky small intestine mucosa, low intestinal immunity, and unbalanced intestinal flora, can cause a lot of disease and discomfort, and Ganoderma lucidum on the intestinal barrier protection, it is a lot of disease and discomfort The source of improvement.


    Intestine is one of the most intimate tissues of the body and the outside world. It is also the largest immune organ of the body. More than 50% of the lymph nodes in the body are distributed in the intestinal mucosa and coexist with the large and complex intestinal flora.


    Li Weidong said that Ganoderma lucidum for many symptoms and diseases have improved the role, from the perspective of Western medicine will feel very incredible, that there is no target or multi-target, but if the imbalance from the intestinal flora will cause many diseases, and Ganoderma can improve Intestinal flora balance of this point of view, that can explain why it seems to rule this line also rule that line also.


What is the "intestinal barrier"?


    Intestines were stationed in a variety of good and bad bacteria, but also to deal with a variety of food to be eaten. In order to prevent the food from entering or by the intestinal bacteria produced by harmful substances through the intestine, into the body of other tissues and organs and blood circulation, so the need for layers of intestinal barrier to protect and prevent. These intestinal barriers include:


1. Mechanical barrier: consists of continuous integrity and healthy intestinal mucosal epithelium.

2. immune barrier: by the constantly updated and maintained intestinal mucus layer, and distributed in the intestinal mucosa on the composition of the lymphoid tissue.

3. Flora barrier: from the presence of a large number of anaerobic bacteria in the intestinal tract, to prevent pathogenic microorganisms in the intestinal mucosa breeding and infection of other organs.


    These three intestinal barriers do not exist independently, but interact with each other. Li Weidong to "bacteria barrier" and "immune barrier" as an example: intestinal normal flora can produce a variety of antigen substances, enhance immune function; also stimulate the immune cells, strengthen the activity of phagocytic cells; and can promote B cells to produce antibodies , Enhance the "specific" immune function (for specific harmful substances immune defense function). This is why the improvement of intestinal flora and regulation of immunization will be associated with the reasons.


Intestinal flora complex and diverse: probiotics, harmful bacteria, pathogens


    In the three immune barrier, the composition of the most complex than the intestinal flora can be divided into three categories: the first category is often heard of "beneficial bacteria" or "probiotics", mainly in vitamins and protein Of the synthesis, assisted intestinal digestion and absorption, to prevent the invasion of bacteria (infected bacteria) invasion, and stimulate immune function, let us remain in a healthy state.


    Another group of intestinal bacteria is often referred to as "harmful bacteria", will produce corrupt products in the intestine, carcinogens and toxins, promote body aging. So if the inhibition of the growth of these bacteria, you can slow down the aging rate. The most troublesome group of intestinal bacteria is "pathogens", they participate in the body skin, mucous membrane, organs, blood and other infections, will make us sick, and therefore must be avoided.


    Li Weidong said that between the flora is not an independent existence, but will interact, when the intestinal flora ecology is controlled by harmful bacteria, the health will have a negative impact.


Intestinal flora is unbalanced and healthy


    December 2013 "Science" magazine published the top ten scientific progress, which refers to the relationship between intestinal flora and human health research is very worthy of attention, indicating that the balance of intestinal flora health is important. The problem is that many factors interfere with the balance of intestinal flora, including antibiotics, meat, hormonal drugs, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and radiation damage, mood and stress, travel, food poisoning, illness, surgery, etc., are harmful bacteria Grow.


    Scientists have also confirmed that intestinal flora disorders can induce disease, symptoms or discomfort, such as constipation, chronic hepatitis or cirrhosis, dementia, allergies (hypersensitivity caused by immune hypersensitivity, or allergic intestinal syndrome), aging Acne, dark spots and tiredness.


    In other words, these conditions will improve when the intestinal flora is balanced. And Ganoderma seemingly unrelated to a variety of effects, part of the imbalance is from the balance of bacteria, and its intestinal barrier to the intestinal barrier immune barrier protection.


    Li Weidong According to the existing scientific research pointed out that Ganoderma lucidum for intestinal barrier at least the following protective effect:


1. Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide can maintain the integrity of intestinal epithelial tissue, the intestinal mechanical barrier has a protective effect.

2. Whether it is for the disease or drugs caused by intestinal hypoglycemia, systemic immunization is low, Ganoderma lucidum have to enhance and protect the role.

3. For antibiotics, diseases, diet caused by intestinal flora imbalance, Ganoderma have adjusted role.

4. Ganoderma lucidum can protect the small intestine and large intestine of the organizational structure, reduce them by radiotherapy and chemotherapy, blood transfusion rescue, chemical or carcinogenic damage, and reduce bowel-related symptoms.


    Since the use of Ganoderma lucidum has been used, its "seemingly irrelevant" of the many effects are both surprising and confusing. Now, with the efforts of scientists, we finally understand that the original Ganoderma lucidum may not be directly effective, but by improving or protecting the intestinal barrier, play a role in improving the immune system, to achieve anti-tumor and improve the body intestinal flora balance , Thus playing a role in the treatment and prevention of related diseases.


    Therefore, the fact that Ganoderma lucidum is also going to do is to have a "life and all things", and many people actually experience the "good results of fasting to eat Ganoderma lucidum after Ganoderma lucidum". From the above research results View, in fact, justified.