Ganoderma Lucidum Water Extract Enhances Learning And Memory

- Aug 22, 2018-

According to the report of Luo Xia, a researcher at the Chinese Medicine Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory of the Sichuan Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the water extract GL (the main component is polysaccharide) of the Ganoderma lucidum fruit body can enhance the learning and memory of normal and old animals, and improve Different types of memory disorders.

The experiment was conducted with low, medium, and high doses (4, 8, 12 g/kg) of Ganoderma lucidum GL to feed the normal, the aged, and the three types of memory impairment (memory acquisition, memory consolidation, and memory reproducibility) in mice to observe their learning and memory skills in experimental modes.

The "Morris Water Maze Experiment" is to use the nature of the mouse in hating swimming. The mouse's ability to remember the position of the platform is tested by calculation of the time that the mouse spends in finding the hidden platform below the water.

As for the "shuttle box experiment", the relationship between light or sound and electric shock is used to test the response of the mice in seeking the safe area to avoid electric shock when stimulated by light or sound as well as the time required to complete the test.

The results of the experiment showed that Reishi Mushroom GL has the efficacy to enhance or improve learning and memory, whether it is normal, old or with memory impairment, and the help to the latter two is more obvious than the former; in the dose-effect relationship, medium and high dose of Ganoderma lucidum GL is better. The medium dose works in about the fourth day, and the high dose works in about the third day.

The study further found that Ganoderma lucidum GL can inhibit the activity of "acetylcholinesterase" (which can hydrolyze acetylcholine and stop its action) in brain tissue, improve the content of "acetylcholine" (a neurotransmitter, positively correlated with memory), and promote brain nerve cell differentiation and reduce the oxidative damage of δ-type amyloid to brain nerve cells. These effects are important reasons for Lingzhi GL to help learn and remember.