Ganoderma Black Tea Fragrant Mellow

- Aug 29, 2017-

Ganoderma lucidum black crystal shape slender uniform, color black and light, endosperm fragrance fresh alcohol and soup bright brown light, smooth red leaves at the end of the leaves, fragrance mellow, the cable is more fat. Although Ganoderma lucidum tea is a kind of black tea, but compared with ordinary black tea has its own pay attention.

A tea set

Drink Ganoderma lucidum tea, the best choice of white porcelain tea. Bubble with the best bowl (Ou), easy to Mo, smell incense, appreciation of the bottom of the leaf; drink cups as small as possible, small and fine, so that every fine tastes. If you pay attention to the mood of friends and drink, but also can be used glassware tea, a lot of obsessed with Ganoderma lucidum tea color beauty of the people, the crystal clear on the glass tea is the best choice.

Second, tea

Ming Ming is the traditional culture, drink Ganzhi black tea every detail, is a kind of aesthetic art.

Take Ganoderma lucidum tea 1 bubble, into the gull, so the amount of tea for three or five tea friends drink.

1, net cup, washed with water tea.

2, wash tea, rinse with boiling water again Ganoderma lucidum tea.

3, smell incense, one hand care after washing the tea Ou, stretched out to the guests in front of the other hand to instigate beating, so that the other smell the tea, or let the guests smell their own incense.

4, red tea, boil the kettle, put the pot high red, the water into the cover hit, and make tea rotation, so that even the soup out.

5, scraping foam, with Ou cover light scraping Fu Mo, so that the tea remained pure, showing Jinfeng Tingxiu tea shape.

6, pour tea, red tea a minute class, arm arm wrist, the Ou tea in turn into the parallel cups.

7, see the soup, watch the cup of Hongyan degree, the edge of the cup formed golden circle, is a good tea.

8, drink goods, first smell incense, and then fine products, the taste of the wonderful, enough to make the emperor into it.

9, at the end of appreciation, leaves the end of the color, the bottom of the tea is bronze or bronze.

Third, the product drink skills

1, the amount of tea: the normal drink, a bubble Ganoderma tea consumption to 5 grams is appropriate.

2, the water time: brewing water to be fast, tea in Europe is not a long bubble, long bubble tea bitter taste heavy.

3, the most appropriate drink temperature: Ganoderma lucidum tea is made by the process of tea made of tea, so the temperature will be better to drink better When the cooler and then fine, in order to product out of the world's most delicious tea Ming Ming.

And friends with a total of Ganoderma lucidum tea is a kind of tea for the media life etiquette, but also a self-cultivation of a way. Through the tea, tea, tea, tea a series of process, sitting around the coffee table people naturally relax, the heart will become calm. It is precisely because of this imperative to enhance friendship, beauty repair virtue, regain the role of ritual, Ganoderma lucidum tea has become a number of elegant taste of the elegant hospitality of the election.