Ganoderma Black Tea Anti-aging Health Care And Other Effects

- Sep 15, 2017-

Ganoderma lucidum tea is black tea tea green, Ganoderma lucidum powder and Ganoderma lucidum spore powder from the scientific compatibility of tea drinks. Ganoderma lucidum tea to Ganoderma lucidum and tea active ingredients effectively combined and absorbed for the human body, taste good, good color. Ganoderma lucidum tea is the choice of fine tea and tea green - withering - fermentation - drying - dust picking - finished product acceptance and other multi-channel process, the Ganoderma lucidum mixed with fermented tea processing, enrich the inherent quality of tea, improve the tea Health care function, the tea can protect the liver, stomach, Ning Anshen, eyesight, blood pressure, blood fat, blood sugar, improve human immunity, anti-aging, health and beauty and other effects, and taste good.

Scientific research has proved that black tea on the human body has a high nutritional value, health care is extremely rich.

1, refreshing: caffeine in the tea by stimulating the cerebral cortex to stimulate the nerve center, to promote refreshing, thinking concentrated, so that the thinking more sensitive, memory enhancement; but also to accelerate the excretion of lactic acid (the muscles feel tired of the material ) And other body waste material, to eliminate the effect of fatigue.

2, Sheng Jin heat: summer drink black tea can thirst quencher, because tea in the polyphenols, carbohydrates, amino acids, pectin and saliva and chemical reactions, and stimulate the secretion of saliva, causing the mouth feel moist, and produce cool sense.

3, weight loss beauty: black tea or an excellent sports drink, because the coffee in the caffeine has a refreshing effect, but also in the movement to promote the body to burn fat before the supply of heat and keep the liver vinegar, so people more enduring.

4, diuretic: in the black tea in the combination of caffeine and aromatic substances, increase kidney blood flow. Improve the glomerular filtration rate, can ease the heart disease or nephritis caused by edema. In the case of

5, anti-inflammatory sterilization: black tea polyphenols with anti-inflammatory results, so bacterial dysentery and food poisoning patients drink tea is quite useful.

6, detoxification: According to the experiment proved that tea in the tea and more alkali can absorb heavy metals and alkaloids, and precipitation decomposition, which is drinking water and food pollution by the modern people, is nothing more than a good news.

7, stomach Weiwei: black tea made by fermentation baking, tea polyphenols in the role of oxidase under the enzymatic oxidation reaction, the content decreased, the irritation of the stomach will be reduced.

Ganoderma lucidum tea and Ganoderma lucidum active ingredients combined with the organic composition of black tea, taste sweet and fresh, unique flavor, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, black tea mild, good temperature in the drive cold, liver, spleen, heart, with phlegm, Pure heart, stomach, liver, anti-virus, bactericidal anti-inflammatory, inhibition of arteriosclerosis health care function, can play phlegm, digestion, appetizer effect. Ganoderma lucidum tea can generally drink, for high blood pressure, high blood lipids, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes, greasy food too much, drunk people, the most suitable for drinking black tea.