Zhuzhou Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Of Hunan Province Visited GANOHERB Group

- Sep 26, 2018-

On September 20, Zhong Yan, Deputy Director of Standing Committee of Zhuzhou Municipal People's Congress of Hunan Province, and Zou Yi, Member of the Party Committee of Zhuzhou Municipal Economic and Information Committee and Chief Economist visited GANOHERB Group accompanied by Lin Fuming, Deputy Director of the Education, Science, Culture and Health Committee of Fuzhou Municipal People's Congress, and Zou Yongzhi, Deputy Director, Fuzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, and Xiong Guohua, Deputy Researcher of Fuzhou High-tech Zone. Li Xiaoyu, Vice President of GAOHERB Group, received guests from afar.


The delegation visited GANOHERB Cultural Exhibition Hall and listened to the 29 years of extraordinary experience of GANOHERB since its establishment. They also learned about the achievements of GANOHERB in planting, scientific research and production in recent years.


"The earliest start of organic log-cultivation of Ganoderma in China”, “Pass the organic certification by China, the United States and Japan for consecutive 12 years”, “The main base of China’s Reishi Mushroom exporting to the world”, “The first academician expert workstation in the industry”...

After listening to many achievements made by GANOHERB in these years, Committee Member Zou Yi praised repeatedly, "GANOHERB, as a leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, has a good demonstration and leading role in the fields of base construction, product processing, and industrial poverty alleviation. The practice of brand building and cultural promotion is also worthy of reference.” On the scene, a series of deep-processed products attracted the attention of the delegation. Vice President Li Xiaoyu briefly introduced raw materials, processing technology and health care effects of special products such as Ganoderma Lucidum spore oil. Deputy Director Zhong Yan said with emotion: "So high-quality products should be brought back to Zhuzhou so that the people there can also enjoy the health benefits brought by Ganoderma Lucidum."


Later, the delegation also said that in the future, there would be opportunities to bring Zhuzhou enterprises to visit and learn the advanced enterprise management experience, business operation mode and innovative management concept of GANOHERB. The two sides would take the Lingzhi health industry as an opportunity to build the platform of communication and cooperation so as to contribute to the development of the national health cause.