Tracing Back To The Source Of Ganoderma And Staying True To The Mission

- Jul 20, 2018-

The 2018 Ganoderma Cultural Festival ended successfully, but the promotion of Ganoderma culture has just begun. As Professor Xu Ruixiang from Taiwan University said in an interview with a media reporter after the meeting, “The Ganoderma culture first, then the Ganoderma enterprise. That is to say, first,  the ancestors accumulated the experience of using Ganoderma; second, the records and images of Ganoderma remained; third, some people began to plant Ganoderma; fourth, some people began to study Ganoderma lucidum; last, Ganoderma enterprise came into being.”


Therefore, when Ganoderma enterprises want to develop in-depth, expand their consumer groups, promote products from home to the world, and make its own world brand, they should use the culture to educate these potential customers and foreigners. It is the long history of Chinese consuming Reishi Mushroom that caused the foreign customers to buy and consume Reishi Mushroom .


Therefore, the culture is the background of industrial development and the story of product sales. We can create a new model of culture as per industry needs, and we can inherit the existing culture and even pursue the forgotten culture from ancient times to today.


But no matter how you do it, the most important thing is to "stay true to your mission". You must go back to the basic elements and sources of Lingzhi culture, starting with the identification of species (variety) because different species must have differences in composition, which are bound to affect the product efficacy.


Only the enterprise establishes a series of internal monitoring indicators from the source of the raw materials, planting, harvesting, processing, active ingredients, etc. can the public obtain the Ganoderma products with stable composition and consistent quality. Meanwhile, the enterprise does not ballyhoo the sales but truly reproduces the Reishi value of disease prevention and treatment. In this way,  they will be able to make the Ganoderma lucidum industry deeper and bigger.


Professor Xu Ruixiang's suggestion enlightened many people who participated in or cared about the Ganoderma cultural festival but didn’t know why to hold the such a festival or has no idea of the relationship between the Ganoderma culture and the Ganoderma industry. Xu’s speech also highlighted the significance of this Ganoderma cultural festival held in Pucheng, Fujian.


Because as early as the 1980s, some Japan scholars who studied Ganoderma cultivation cooperated with Pucheng County Government in carrying out the experiment of the log cultivation of Ganoderma. After their experiment succeeded in the early 1990s, the Ganoderma plantation began to be widely promoted.


Therefore, Pucheng is not only the starting point for the earliest development of Ganoderma artificial cultivation in Wuyi Mountains but also the birthplace of Ganoderma lucidum artificial cultivation in South China. The first Ganoderma base (GANOHERB Organic Ganoderma Base) planted as per the “International Organic Standard” is also located here.


Therefore, Pucheng as the main venue of the Ganoderma Cultural Festival has the significance of traceability. After all, only good Ganoderma raw materials can make good Ganoderma products. And only good Ganoderma products can make the people accept Ganoderma culture.