GanoHerb Offered A Targeted Donation Of Ganoderma Products Valued At One Million Yuan

- Feb 10, 2020-

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In the morning of February 2nd, in GanoHerb's specialty store in Pucheng, Fujian, a portion of virus-fighting supplies had been fully loaded and ready for shipment. This batch of Ganoherb Ganoderma products with a total value of 1 million yuan would be donated to the Red Cross Society of Pucheng County, Fujian Province, in order to support frontline medical workers in Pucheng County, and staff and volunteers at bayonets by helping them strengthen their immune function to fight the virus and better work in the fight against the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

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Partial Loaded Supplies


In the afternoon, GanoHerb Group's donation ceremony was held in its Pucheng specialty store. He Xiuju (Deputy County Chief of Pucheng and Chairman of the Red Cross Society of Pucheng County), Zhu Huizhen (Standing Chairman of the Red Cross Society of Pucheng County), and Deng Daozhen (Secretary of Pucheng County General Hospital), attended the donation ceremony.


The Letter of Intent on Targeted Supplies Donation 

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The List of Donated Supplies 

According to a GanoHerb staff at the ceremony scene, in order to ensure that the supplies could be quickly delivered to the front-line medical staff for immediate use, the staff of GanoHerb in Pucheng began to accurately pack the supplies into a "supply package" form early for convenient receipt and hand-out at that time. "Although it is a trivial matter within our ability, we are happy to save time and energy for those busy medical workers."

GanoHerb staff who started their busy work early in the morning

Donated materials are divided into packages at the scene

GanoHerb pays tribute to every medical and anti-epidemic worker struggling at the forefront, everyone who runs for health and everyone who is still sticking to his post.

GanoHerb stays with you in fighting the epidemic.

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