GanoHerb Was Selected As The Classic Case Of Strengthening The County Economy With One Brand That Represents One County

- Dec 23, 2019-

On December 18, the 5th Chinese Brand Forum was held by Peoples’ Daily in Beijing in order to accelerate Chinese brands into the new era of ecological development and to strengthen the national economy with brand building. More than 300 people including government authorities, business representatives, brand experts and scholars, research institute representatives, and media representatives gathered together to conduct in-depth, multi-sectoral and high-level dialogue and exchanges with “Founding a state with quality and strengthening a state with brand” as the theme.


During the forum, the organizer held a sub-forum on brand construction and development of "one county, one brand" simultaneously, focusing on subdivided industries and promoting brand transformation and upgrading.


At the same time, the forum also carried out activities such as brand cooperation contract signing, brand case announcements, brand special interviews and brand results display.GanoHerb, as a national key leading enterprise, was the first batch of authorized users of the "Wuyi Shanshui" brand. It was honored as one of the classic cases of strengthening the county economy with one brand that represents one county. It had dialogues with hundreds of outstanding brands on sharing the brand development achievements of the new era.



GanoHerb was awarded as the 2019 “One County, One Brand” Classic Case in the Activity of Strengthening the County Economy with Brand.

Upgrading the Ganoderma industry with brand construction

In 2018, “Wuyi Shanshui”Regional Public Brand Construction was conducted in Nanping City. Rice and Ganoderma were selected as polar industries in Pucheng for the implementation of brand strategy and promotion of upgrading of traditional industries. Pucheng enjoys natural, regional and brand advantages. In recent years, the Pucheng authority has been adopting the mode of bidirectional cooperation between the government and the enterprise in order to enhance the popularity and product quality of the specialty brands such as rice and Lingzhi.    



As the leading Reishi mushroom company in Fujian, GanoHerb took the lead in establishing the global organic Ganoderma industry chain system in Pucheng. GanoHerb is the first Ganoderma brand that has passed organic certifications of four countries and regions including China, the United States, Japan, and the EU. By employing favorable factors such as geographical conditions and policies, GanoHerb has constantly expanded the deep processing technology of Ganoderma. It created an exclusive technology of "on-line separation and purification of the spore oil ", which solved the key technical bottlenecks of deep processing of Ganoderma and started a new upgrade of the traditional Ganoderma industry.


Ganoherb Ganoderma Spore Oil Appeared on the site

Intensifying the soft power to build an economically strong county

In recent years, GanoHerb has constantly not only integrated resources and optimized product categories but also intensified soft power by exploring deep processing technology of Ganoderma with strict standards and cultivating brand with differentiation development strategy. So far GanoHerb has established more than 3000 experience shops across more than 90 cities in China. It has marketed its organic Reishi products to over 30 countries and regions such as the EU and the US, promoting Lingzhi from mountain areas in Pucheng to the globe. 


Promotion of Pucheng GanoHerb Ganoderma in the forum

Meanwhile, GanoHerb helped boost the income of more than 300 poverty-stricken families from 17 townships, promote the development of other local Ganoderma lucidum enterprises and cooperatives by means such as “company + base + poor families buy shares” in order to revitalize the countryside. 


Building “One County, One Brand” by treating the culture as the leading force

In order to build the brand name card of Pucheng Lingzhi, Pucheng county has included GanoHerb Reishi mushroom into poverty alleviation activities under “One County, One Brand”.   


Besides, GanoHerb continued to hold the international Ganoderma Conference and Ganoderma Cultural Festival to inherit and innovate the Ganoderma culture. In 2018, GanoHerb was selected as the first batch of public brand of Wuyi Shanshui. In the propaganda fairs held in Beijing, GanoHerb exhibited the brand charm of Chinese Lingzhi and expressed its vision to share Chinese Lingzhi with the world, which also pushed Pucheng to develop towards the ecological economy and high quality.