Tremella Soup With Ganoderma Sinensis

- Sep 26, 2019-

Drinking such a bowl of Ganoderma sinensis soup can improve the cough, insomnia, dreams and forgetfulness caused by the deficiency of lung yin or deficiency of both the lung and kidney.

This soup moistens the lungto arrest cough and soothes the nerves.

Raw materials for making this dish:

4 grams of GanoHerb Ganoderma Sinensis;

10 grams of tremella;

Goji berry, red date, lotus seed, red bean, coix seed, peanut and honey.

Directions: Put the tremella, Lingzhi slices, lotus seeds, Goji berry, peanuts, glutinous rice, and red beans into the pot with water to cook until the soup is boiling. Switch to a small fire for 1 hour until the tremella juice becomes thick. Remove the Reishi mushroom residue and add honey. Then you can enjoy this soup.