GANOHERB Appeared At CIFIT 2019 And The Belt And Road Investment Congress

- Sep 20, 2019-

On September 8th, the CIFIT 2019 and the Belt and Road Investment Congress grandly opened at Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition is internationalized with participants from 33 countries and regions, 35 international organizations, 16 provinces and more than 300 enterprises. Nearly 300 purchase investors attended the conference. In the same period, the first "Belt and Road" agricultural product (e-commerce) trade fair and the 12th Cross-Strait (Quanzhou) Agricultural Products Purchase and Ordering Conference were also held in Xiamen and Quanzhou Nan'an. As the key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Fujian Province, GANOHERB was also invited to participate in this Fair. At both the two branch fair places in Xiamen and Quanzhou, GANOHERB showed its advanced technological strength and Ganoderma lucidum quality products. GANOHERB seeks to further explore the overseas market, which has been unanimously welcomed by the merchants and buyers of the "Belt and Road" countries so that the Chinese Ganoderma lucidum catches the eyes in Xiamen and connects to the international market.


Silk Road Edible Fungi Exhibition Area was eye-catching at the Fair


GANOHERB exhibition area was bustling

The "Silk Road Edible Fungi Exhibition Area" has assembled 18 leading enterprises representing the China Edible Fungi Association. China is the world's largest producer of edible fungi, accounting for more than 70% of world production. China's edible fungi have entered thousands of households around the world and are loved by people of all countries. As a facade brand of "Silk Road Edible Fungi Exhibition Area", GANOHERB has attracted a large number of merchants to stop by. This time, GANOHERB brought a series of products of Ganoderma lucidum such as Ganoderma lucidum slices, Ganoderma lucidum tea, Ganoderma lucidum spore oil and GanoExtra, which showed the multiple uses of Ganoderma lucidum in many aspects in daily care. When representatives from the International Cooperative Alliance, the countries along the "Belt and Road", the agricultural products industry, the supply and marketing e-commerce industry, the provincial and municipal supply and marketing cooperatives and other organization passed by GANOHERB's booth, they all stopped to taste the freshly cooked Ganoderma lucidum tea. Many international merchants said that "It's a bit bitter but very special. It`s very fragrant and feels very comfortable." The person in charge of the booth said, "With the improvement of global health awareness in diet, edible low-fat and low-calorie health foods such as edible fungi are becoming more and more popular and gaining the export volume year by year. Especially Ganoderma lucidum is a traditional Chinese medicinal material with a long history. It can not only be used as an edible fungus for the recipe, but also a good helper for daily health and disease rehabilitation. Taking Ganoderma lucidum is an effective way to keep fit. The Chinese medicine health industry led by Reishi Mushroom has a huge international market."


President Gu Guoxin of China Edible Fungi Association (second from left), Executive Vice President Gao Maolin (second from right) and Vice President He Fangming (first from left) visited GANOHERB's booth.


Deputy Director Chen Mingwang of Fujian Provincial Agricultural and Rural Affairs Department inquired about the Ganoderma lucidum spore oil of GANOHERB.

As a national high-tech enterprise engaged in the Lingzhi industry for 30 years, GANOHERB is the industry leader in the production and processing of edible fungi. As early as 2007, GANOHERB was awarded National R&D Center for Edible Fungi Processing by the Ministry of Agriculture. The title of Demonstration Base of Edible-Medicinal Mushroom Cultivation and Processing Technology was awarded to GANOHERB by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization in 2015. As a Ganoderma manufacturer, GANOHERB has been recognized by the China Edible Fungi Association as one of the Top Ten Brands of Ganoderma Lucidum in China for many years. Ganoderma lucidum spore oil, GanoExtra, Ganoderma lucidum spore powder, Ganoderma lucidum tea, Ganoderma capsules and other Ganoderma products developed by GANOHERB meet the individualized health needs of different consumers at home and abroad. In recent years, GANOHERB has continuously expanded its overseas market, and its cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road has deepened. Its products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions on five continents and are favored and praised by customers at home and abroad. GANOHRB's export volume has increased year by year, leading the international marketization of China's Ganoderma lucidum. GANOHERB will take the opportunity of this fair to cooperate with the supply and sales agencies along the two sides of the Taiwan Straits and along the Belt and Road countries with Ganoderma lucidum as the medium. GANOHERB will further develop itself by sharing business opportunities, upholding mutual benefit and win-win, upgrading the Ganoderma lucidum market and innovating technologies and products in order to achieve greater market value of Ganoderma lucidum.


The buyers stopped to taste and praise GANOHERB's Ganoderma Tea.


Foreign merchants discussed with GANOHERB workers on the spot.