Reishi Mushroom Supports Healthy Energy And Regulates Primordial Qi

- Sep 09, 2019-

The heat in summer consumes a lot of physical energy. Therefore, eating tonic food in autumn has been put on the agenda by many people. According to the Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor,  the primordial Qi existing inside the body can prevent the evil Qi from invading." In fact, the behavior of eating tonic food is to serve the primordial Qi. The primordial Qi is a healthy shield and also the breath of life for a person. Why does the body lack of primordial QI?" How to ensure the body to be full of primordial Qi?

There are many reasons for the lack of primordial Qi, which can be roughly divided into the following four categories:


If the congenital condition is very good, the physical condition is good and the primordial Qi is very strong. Some people have insufficient congenital conditions, so their physical constitution is weak and their primordial Qi is insufficient. This factor of congenital conditions can only be controlled by parents, and the child can only accept it passively.


The aging of the human body is an uncontrollable natural law. With the increase of age, the primordial Qi is gradually losing. If you do not pay attention to maintenance primordial Qi by over-drafting vital energy and blood, your body will also accelerate aging.


The bad habits such as highly stressed work, staying up late, lack of exercise, night snack, smoking and drinking, excessive dieting, unreasonable vegetarian diet, improper weight loss and bad diet will hurt the acquired constitution and damage the primordial Qi.


Factors such as excessive cold, heat, humidity, dryness, drug abuse and environmental pollution will also weaken the primordial Qi.

When the body is full of primordial Qi, the body has a strong ability to resist various diseases; even if the person full of primordial Qi is ill, he or she can recover quickly due to his or her strong self-healing ability.


Insufficient primordial Qi is manifested by lifeless eyes, lack of energy, easy fatigue, memory loss, dull complexion, low faint voice, slow response, poor appetite,  faecal abnormalities, insomnia or lethargy, frequent colds, long illness and slow wound healing.


If the above three or more symptoms appear and last for a while, then it must be a lack of primordial Qi, the patients need to pay attention to their health and timely regulate their bodies.

Generations of doctors and scholars are inspired to explore Ganoderma lucidum for its magical charm such as "treating all diseases", "making dying people back to life", "prolonging the life"  and its ancient legends. In recent years, the efficacy of Ganoderma lucidum to strengthen the healthy energy and to nourish the vitality has been more and more recognized by Traditional Chinese Medicinal scientists. Lingzhi is more valuable for its non-toxic nature. It can be taken for a long time without hurting the body. It is relevant to the heart, liver, lung and kidney. It can fully regulate the five internal organs.


Modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that Ganoderma lucidum is rich in a variety of active ingredients. Because of the combined action of these ingredients, it can enhance physical fitness, comprehensively regulate the functions of various organs of the human body, regulate the primordial Qi, strengthen human immunity, regulate blood sugar, control blood pressure, aid in chemoradiotherapy, protect the liver and promote sleep. 


Reishi mushroom is good for the body, but it also needs to be taken for a long time to give the body comprehensive care.