Ganoderma Culture And Ganoderma Research

- Aug 15, 2019-

Ganoderma has a very special status in Chinese culture. It has biological, medical, religious, political and artistic meanings, which are not comparable to ordinary tea leaves.

The essence of Ganoderma culture is the truth, goodness and beauty that can withstand time tempering.

What is culture? The essence of culture should be self-cultivation rooted in the heart, the self-consciousness that doesn't need to be reminded and the kindness of thinking for people. Therefore, culture must be truth, goodness, and beauty that can withstand the tempering of time. It can be passed down from ancient times to the present, just like the ever-evolving and accumulating Ganoderma culture.

What is the relationship between Reishi research and Ganoderma culture? Ganoderma research is actually a part of Ganoderma culture. Because a good Ganoderma research must be authentic, innovative, practical, stable or applicable. From this perspective to think about its relationship with the truth, goodness and beauty of the Ganoderma culture, you will find:

Ganoderma research is actually the foundation of Ganoderma culture because research is the process of "seeking the truth"; the result of the research is to practice the value of Ganoderma culture, that is, to use Ganoderma to take care of human health. The starting point is to think for others and to be kindness-oriented. When the value of Ganoderma is constantly being experienced and appreciated in the course of practice, the heartfelt emotion will naturally be sublimated into the creation of art, and the artistic conception of beauty as the image will arise spontaneously.

Therefore, the essence of Ganoderma culture is truth, goodness and beauty. It is stacked from real image to abstract layer by layer. It is from the inside out, and the goodness and beauty it shows are based on the foundation of truth. Therefore, Ganoderma research is part of Ganoderma culture. The connotation of Ganoderma culture has been rooted and expanded with the results of the research. The promotion of Ganoderma culture is to support the Ganoderma industry and let more people believe in Ganoderma.

▲ The "goodness" and "beauty" of the Lingzhi culture are based on "truth". (The picture on the left is the "Ganoderma utensils" created by the Qing Emperor Qianlong painter Shen Huan, which is now in the National Palace Museum; the picture on the right is the picture of Ganoderma provided by Professor Xu Ruixiang)

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