GANOHERB Joined Hands With Avenue Of Stars

- Aug 12, 2019-

in August, Ganoderma lucidum in Pucheng looks very attractive. On the evening of August 9, Pucheng`s landmark, the Dangui Cultural Square, was full of people, and the stage was star-studded. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, the 2019 CCTV "Avenue of Stars" Nanping District Finals large-scale literary party was officially opened here!


This is the first time that the "Avenue of Stars" program team has come to Pucheng, Nanping to select talents. The activities are jointly organized by China Media Group Variety Channel, CCTV, Fujian Media Group, Propaganda Department of the CPC Nanping Municipal Committee, China Pucheng County Committee and County Government. With the theme of "Praise the motherland and sing Pucheng", leaders from cities and counties such as Nanping and Pucheng attended the event. As a co-organizer of the event, GANOHERB was also invited to attend the event, witnessing this visual feast with media reporters at the city and county levels and nearly a thousand viewers.



As an eye-catching program of China Media Group, "Avenue of Stars" has a high reputation and ratings throughout the country and is praised as the "People's Stage." This time, the program team went to Nanping, Fujian Province, to provide a platform for the citizens of Nanping to showcase their talents and tap into the talents. In the four-month competition, the players praised the motherland's birthday with a sonorous voice. In the end, the 20 players stood out with their strengths and advanced all the way. In the future, they will have the opportunity to show their talents on the CCTV stage on behalf of Nanping.


At the party, Chen Jinjian, Deputy Director of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Committee of Nanping, pointed out in his speech that the selection of the "Avenue of Stars" contest not only helped the development of Nanping culture but also highlighted the cultural charm of Nanping, which has a positive significance in assisting in poverty alleviation and promoting the development of literary and artistic activities of the public.


Chen Jinjian, Deputy Director of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal

Committee of Nanping, delivered a speech

Zhou Yonghe, Secretary of Pucheng County Committee, said that Pucheng will take this event as an opportunity to vigorously promote the characteristic culture, special products, tourism resources and beautiful rural construction achievements of Pucheng, enhance the reputation and popularity of Pucheng, promote the county cultural brand, push cultural revitalization of the countryside and writing a new chapter in "Poetic and Picturesque Pucheng".


Zhou Yonghe, Secretary of Pucheng County Committee, delivered a speech

In order to give Pucheng people a wonderful literary feast, the "Avenue of Stars" program team invited a number of stars from the "Avenue of Stars" to show, the 2016 "Avenue of Stars" annual championship Gengquecairen, the annual second runner-up "Strawberry elder sister" Fang Fang, and the 2018 annual first runner-up Zhang Yaliang, second runner-up Zhou Lei and Tang Wei. They praised the birthday of the motherland with a loud and clear voice, bringing an impressive audio-visual feast to everyone.




At the event site, GANOHERB "Ganoderma lucidum team" is the C-debut!


Pucheng has a long history and is the birthplace of Min Yue culture, Zhu Zi culture and Wuyi tea culture. It is also the birthplace of the log cultivation of organic Reishi Mushroom in China.

In recent years, Pucheng attaches great importance to brand building, fully exploits the value of Pucheng's characteristic agricultural products, and takes the [Wuyi Shanshui" brand construction as the starting point, and regards the "Pucheng Lingzhi" traditional industry as the breakthrough point of "one county, one product" and vigorously implements the brand strategy.


On August 7th, Pucheng County Magistrate Shen Xiaowen delivered a speech at the Ganoderma Industry Development Seminar.

As a well-known key leading enterprise in Fujian, GANOHERB developed quickly with the support of the local government and people. GANOHERB hopes to familiarize the public with its brand through "Avenue of Stars" so as to achieve its social commitment of "inheriting the millennium health culture and contributing to wellness for all" and help the public enjoy healthy lives well into old age with Ganoderma lucidum.


GANOHERB became the strategic partner on Avenue of Stars Selection Competition for

Fujian players and Starshine Public Welfare Activity in Nanping.

In the past 30 years, under the leadership of Pucheng Lingzhi leading enterprises represented by GANOHERB, Pucheng Lingzhi has gradually gone national from Fujian and has successfully been exported to more than 30 countries and regions in the world. Up to now, Pucheng Ganoderma planting area has reached more than 467 hectares, and Reishi mushroom has become a special poverty alleviation industry in Pucheng and even in Nanping.


This time GANOHERB sponsored the "Avenue of Stars" selection competition and placed the mysterious Lingzhi culture on the stage of the people. The activity raised the reputation of Pucheng Ganoderma across the country. GANOHERB uses its own practical actions to interpret its social responsibility. And it also promotes rural revitalization in Pucheng with cultural innovation.