The 2019 Ganoderma Industry Development Seminar

- Aug 09, 2019-

On August 7, the 2019 Ganoderma Industry Development Seminar was successfully held in Pucheng. This seminar was hosted by GANOHERB Group and sponsored by Pucheng County People's Government.


The meeting gathered more than 40 relevant leaders, experts, scholars and brand marketers from China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Institute of Medicinal Plant Development of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Peking University Health Science Center, Fujian Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Fujian Medical University, Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fujian Agricultural Edible Fungi Technology Promotion Station and China Brand Network. The meeting was chaired by Meng Shifen, Vice-chairman of the Pucheng County CPPCC. Around "how to create a key product for one county and make the Ganoderma industry bigger and stronger", experts at the meeting launched more than 2 hours of in-depth discussion.


On-site Seminar

Ganoderma lucidum, a famous medicinal fungus, has a history of application in China for more than 2,000 years. It has the medicinal effect of tonifying middle-Jiao and Qi and supporting healthy energy. It has been listed as "top grade medicine" by Traditional Chinese medicine. Fujian is one of the three core production areas of Ganoderma in China. It is located in Pucheng, the source of the Minjiang River in the Wuyi Mountains. It is also the birthplace of organic Chinese Ganoderma in South China.



Shen Xiaowen, County Magistrate of Pucheng, said that Ganoderma, Coix Seed and orange osmanthus are also known as [New Three Treasures in Pucheng". Under the leadership of the leading enterprise of Ganoderma represented by [GANOHERB", Pucheng Ganoderma has gradually developed into a characteristic poverty alleviation industry in Pucheng. In the future, Pucheng will take the construction of [Wuyi Shanshui" brand as the starting point, and take the traditional industry of [Pucheng Lingzhi" as a breakthrough point of [one county, one product", vigorously implement brand strategy, and strive to promote Pucheng Lingzhi brand and products represented by GANOHERB.


Pucheng County Magistrate Shen Xiaowen delivered a speech

Lingzhi is China's most legendary traditional Chinese medicinal material and it is often found in mythological stories and movies and television dramas. Fang Shuting, Chairman of China Association of TCM, said in his speech: at present, people's understanding of Ganoderma is not comprehensive. Under the background of the country's active promotion of "health industry" and "preventive treatment of disease", it is urgent to carry out some industry seminars to inherit the TCM culture of Ganoderma.


Fang Shuting, Chairman of China Association of TCM, delivered a speech

"The technology of organic cultivation of Ganoderma on logs was first popularized in Pucheng." At the meeting, Li Ye, President of GANOHERB Group, said, "GANOHERB is the leading enterprise of Ganoderma in the country. In order to enlarge and strengthen the Ganoderma industry, GANOHERB not only takes a lead in establishing the organic Ganoderma whole industry chain system but also actively cooperates with institutes to improve the scientific and technological content of Ganoderma products, which further promotes the deep integration of traditional Ganoderma culture with modern technology and industrial economy.


Li Ye, President of GANOHERB Group, introduced GANOHERB Organic Ganoderma

Subsequently, Zheng Jianxin, Deputy Magistrate of Pucheng County, also introduced the development status of Pucheng Ganoderma industry and stressed the aim to develop Ganoderma into a special product of [one key product for a county" in Pucheng in the future and to accelerate the construction of "Fresh Fujian North Gate" which integrates the production, city development, landscape and culture.


Zheng Jianxin, Deputy Magistrate of Pucheng County, introduced the

status quo of Pucheng Ganoderma industry

"Reishi Mushroom plays a huge role in health care, so there were still many applications of Ganoderma in the past, but these applications need to be transformed and upgraded in line with the needs of the modern market." "Great health is an international trend. If we hope to better serve the health industry with Ganoderma, we need more advanced technologies and research. GANOHERB is the first to set the international business standards for Ganoderma extracts, which promotes the international development of the entire industry.[ "Zhejiang is a spore powder manufacturing province, but Fujian spore powder plus extract formula is the most advanced, the quality is also the safest and most stable"...


At the scene, experts and scholars analyzed the status quo and trends of the current Ganoderma industry from different angles and fully affirmed the development of Pucheng Ganoderma represented by GANOHERB. In light of the current green development concept, Zhu Renxiu, Deputy Mayor of Nanping City, stressed, "There has been a tradition of planting Ganoderma in Nanping. In recent years, Nanping has proposed the development of seven green industries. Led by GANOHERB, the leading Ganoderma enterprises, the production value of Ganoderma in Pucheng reached RMB 250 million yuan and generated tax revenue of RMB tens of millions yuan. It has largely solved the problems of employment and taxation. However, if we hope to make the Ganoderma industry bigger and stronger, it is necessary to extend the industrial chain, especially to ensure product quality. "


Zhu Renxiu, Deputy Mayor of Nanping City, attended the event and delivered a speech

Finally, Sun Xiaobo, Director of the Institute of Medicinal Plant Development of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, summarized the meeting. He said that in order to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the Ganoderma industry, we need to control the entire industrial chain including strains, planting, production, processing, research and development by further strengthening the integration of production and research while the leading enterprises must take the lead in taking actions to cooperate with the government in order to finally achieve the inclusive development of Pucheng and even the entire Ganoderma industry.


Director Sun Xiaobo of the Institute of Medicinal Plant Development of

the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences was interviewed by the media


Professor Yang Baoxue from Peking University

Health Science Center was interviewed by the media