Zhang Tongtai Experts Visited GANOHERB

- Jul 31, 2019-


In China, any traditional Chinese medicinal material is fastidious about the authentic source. Only under the combined effects of specific ecological conditions such as environment, climate, cultivation and processing techniques can the medicinal materials with the suitable origin, outstanding curative effect and regional characteristics be formed. This is especially true. On July 26th, a group of experts from Zhang Tongtai, an old Chinese brand, arrived at Pucheng, a poetic and picturesque city, to open a three-day journey to search the source of organic Ganoderma lucidum! Watch the "Impression Dahongpao", enjoy the Ganoderma lucidum dinner, visit the landscape reiki and exchange views about the application of Ganoderma lucidum...to meet the authentic GANOHERB Ganoderma!


Ganoderma lucidum has existed since ancient times, and the unique health value of Ganoderma lucidum has been fascinating in the past and present. After First Emperor of Qin unified the six countries, he sent the famous alchemist Xu Fu to take a sea-voyage eastward to Penglai Islands to find the Ganoderma lucidum medicine. In "Bao Puzi", it has been recorded that "The immortal takes medicine to protect health and prolong lifespan so that he will be affected by the internal disease and external pathogenic factor." In Shen Nong's Herbal Classic, Ganoderma lucidum is listed as a medicine that is non-toxic and can be taken for a long term without side effects. It is a top-grade medicine that can make the body light, benefit vitality, promote longevity and has the effect of anti-aging.


Good mountains and good rivers gestate good Ganoderma lucidum! Zhang Tongtai`s experts personally visited Fuling Base in Pucheng, one of GANOHERB's organic Ganoderma bases hidden in the Wuyi Mountain. "The medicine made of good medicinal materials can be called Good Medicine!" As the legal Chinese herbal medicine, Ganoderma lucidum is fastidious about the origin, variety, cultivation and processing, which all affect the quality of Ganoderma lucidum. Therefore, the control of the source of medicinal materials is the primary key!


Experts took a glimpse of Ganoderma lucidum in the organic Ganoderma lucidum greenhouse.


GANOHERB strictly observes the natural growth law of Reishi Mushroom and adopts imitation wild log plantation. It does not use pesticides, fertilizers or genetically modified technologies during the production of Ganoderma. The base has been certified organic by China, the United States, Japan, and the European Union for 13 consecutive years. In the annual third-party organic inspection, more than 300 items of pesticide residue detection of GANOHERB Organic Ganoderma Lucidum were [undetected". As early as 2015, GANOHERB Ganoderma lucidum base was also officially identified by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization as the "Edible-medicinal Mushroom Cultivation and Processing Technology Demonstration Base"; in 2018, it was selected as the first batch of "Three Nons and One Full" medicine brand bases in China. The so-called "Three Nons and One Full" refers to a brand plantation that supplies medicinal materials featuring full traceability management, no sulfur-fumigated processing, no aflatoxin contamination & non-pollution standardized planting.


President Li Ye of GANOHERB Group made a speech and extended a warm welcome to the expert group's arrival.

Controlling the source of raw materials is only the first step of controlling product quality, and processing methods have an important impact on product quality. In the GANOHERB Sci-Tech Industrial Park, the expert group experienced the high-end technology of GANOHERB! In GANOHERB, a spore oil condensed with Ganoderma lucidum extract, a capsule of Ganoderma lucidum spore and extract, a packet of cell-wall broken spore powder and even a box of TCM decoction pieces made of Ganoderma lucidum have been applied with high-tech means.


Mr. Yao Weixi, Chief Expert of GANOHERB, shared the innovation and research experience of Ganoderma products.

In recent years, Ganoderma lucidum has been widely used by Chinese medicine experts. At the scene, Chief Expert Yao Weixi of GANOHERB shared with the experts the experience of GANOHERB in product development and innovation. "Ganoderma lucidum and even the processing technology of traditional Chinese medicine are relatively simple and extensive, and its functional ingredients or medicinal values may not be fully exploited due to problems such as processing technology. Therefore, it is especially important to use high technology to maximize the extraction of its active ingredients and fully play its therapeutic effects." Taking the traditional Chinese medicine Ganoderma lucidum as an example, the Researcher Yao Xiaoxi introduced the achievements of GANOHERB in product technology innovation, research and development in recent years.


Professor Xu Jianhua of Fujian Medical University as the GANOHERB expert consultant delivered a special report.

Subsequently, Professor Xu Jianhua of Fujian Medical University as an expert consultant of GANOHERB made a special report on the achievements in the research on the anti-tumor activity of the active ingredients of Ganoderma lucidum in recent years. The report mentioned the Ganoderma lucidum extract applied in the adjuvant tumor therapy and synergistic chemotherapy and the phased results in reversing multidrug resistance of tumors with the Ganoderma lucidum extract, which further validated the role of Ganoderma lucidum in the treatment of adjuvant tumors. President Li Ye of GANOHERB Group also participated in the expert exchange salon.


Zhang Tongtai experts expressed their views on the application of Ganoderma lucidum.

As we all know, Lingzhi is one of the legal Traditional Chinese medicinal materials in China. From Shen Nong's Herbal Classic to Chinese Pharmacopoeia, its efficacy of tonifying the Qi and soothing the nerves and supporting healthy energy has a significant effect on the prevention and treatment of many diseases.


Zhang Tongtai TCM Pharmacy located in Hangzhou

Founded in 1805, Zhejiang Zhangtongtai is a 100-year-old traditional Chinese medicine brand and China time-honored brand. Its [authentic medicinal material culture" was included in the catalog of Chinese medicine cultural heritage of Zhejiang Province's intangible cultural heritage. It is also known as the [living fossil" of oriental traditional Chinese medicine culture. Zhang Tongtai's experts visited the organic Ganoderma lucidum base of GANOHERB, which is an affirmation of the authentic quality of GANOHERB's products.


As a full-chain industrial enterprise focusing on Ganoderma lucidum for 30 years, GANOHERB has been operating the two health industries including Ganoderma lucidum and traditional Chinese medicine. It continuously learned the essence of traditional Chinese medicine processing, innovative medicine production and processing technology. It insisted on using the standard of making medicine to make Ganoderma lucidum health products. It has become a supplier of Ganoderma lucidum medicinal materials such as Tong Ren Tang and many other centuries-old brands. Over the years, GANOHERB has standardized the Ganoderma lucidum industry by participating in the development of the national and local standards for Ganoderma lucidum to promote its healthy and sustainable development. To realize the aim that Ganoderma is shared by the world, GANOHERB has been actively advocating the health concept of Ganoderma lucidum [regulating vitality and prolong lifespan". GANOHERB will also draw the essence of traditional Chinese medicine culture from the centuries-old brands, adhere to the authentic product quality so that Ganoderma lucidum and its deep processed products will benefit more people's health!