Take Ganoderma Lucidum When You Are Sick?

- May 21, 2019-


Many people buy Ganoderma lucidum for their sick family and friends, or to express their filial piety to their parents. It seems that only when they are old or sick, they feel the need to take Ganoderma lucidum. They have forgotten that the role of Ganoderma lucidum can speed up the recovery of disease and prevent disease or anti-aging. Through daily health care with Ganoderma, just like doing exercise or eating health meals every day, we can get less sickness, age more slowly.


However, are you really eating healthy as you imagine? In addition to the blood and urine test indicators, let's take a look at the definition of "a healthy person" in the Food and Nutrition Encyclopedia: rarely sick, good physical fitness, normal body temperature, pulse and respiratory stability, height and weight that meets the age, good appetite, normal bowel movements, normal urination, bright eyes, rosy eyelids, dark pink tongue, healthy gums, periodontal health, smooth, soft and elastic skin, healthy complexion, soft and bright hair, hard and pink nails, and longevity. Among them, in addition to longevity which can not be predicted, the less the other items meet, the closer the disease is to you.


Do you think the above observation is too cumbersome and complicated? A simpler way for a Chinese medicine friend is to see if you can eat well, defecate well and sleep well every day. “Eating” is the source of nutrition, “defecating” is the discharge of waste, and “sleeping” is the rest and recuperation. When these three physiological functions work as usual, the health status should not be much worse, but as long as one of them is not right, you have to be aware that the body alerts you.


Especially worth mentioning is the "defecating" . The manure from a healthy body is thick like a banana, and it is dry and not sticky. If the feces are thin, pasty or sticky to the toilet, it means that the waste and toxins that the body does not need remain in the intestines, which is a sign of "unhealthiness".


The continuous ailments may alert you, and the most fearful is the sudden terminal cancer, stroke and karoshi, which deprives you the chance of counterattack; the more dreadful thing is that the prolonged disease tortures not only the paitent but also the patients' whole family. Spending money to cure the disease doesn't ensure the diease can be cured. It is better to spend money to buy health, and it is more realistic. Especially those with a family medical history should be prevented early when they are healthy and innocent. Taking Reishi Mushroom is one of the easiest ways to restore health and maintain health. When you are healthy and your family is healthy, your career, wealth, and fame will make sense, and your family will be happy together.