The National High-Level Micro Forum On Cancer Prevention And Rehabilitation

- Dec 20, 2018-

On the morning of December 2, the National High-Level Micro Forum on Cancer Prevention and Rehabilitation was kicked off in Wuyishan. The forum is one of the series of activities of the first Wuyi Mountain Health Preservation and Body Building Tourism Season in China. The event invited Professor Yuan Zhengping, Deputy Director of the Rehabilitation Association of China Anti-Cancer Association, and Professor Xu Kecheng, President of Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospital, and more than a dozen experts in the field of cancer treatment and rehabilitation to come to the scene to report on the latest research results of cancer prevention and treatment. . In the subsequent micro-forum, doctor-patient exchanges were held, and more than 70 representatives from cancer rehabilitation associations across the country answered questions and guided the patients to receive correct treatment and develop good habits to overcome cancer. Anti-cancer stars have also come on stage to share their own anti-cancer experiences.


As the organizer of the event, Fujian Xianzhilou Biotechnology Group brought to the national cancer friends Ganoderma lucidum known as “Magic Herb”, which was welcomed by some people at the venue. "Ganoderma lucidum is rich in active compounds such as Ganoderma lucidum triterpenes and Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides. Modern studies have shown that these active substances have the effect of inhibiting tumor cell proliferation, invasion, metastasis and improving immunity." Professor Yao Xiaoxi, Chief Scientist of GANOHERB, gave a speech on the stage. "We hope to use modern technology to extract the essence of the millennium grass, and bring hope and health to our friends. I hope that everyone will be as good as Lingzhi in the future, and life will be extended!" The audience applauded warmly.

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Professor Yao Yuxi, Chief Scientist of GANOHERB, introduced Ganoderma Lucidum

For a long time, GANOHERB has actively assumed the mission of large enterprises in the health industry and is keen on public welfare undertakings such as cancer rehabilitation. Since 2009, GANOHERB has been fighting alongside anti-cancer associations for ten consecutive years to help patients and families, popularize prevention and treatment knowledge, and promote rehabilitation. GANOHERB celebrated “five-year birthdays” for cancer patients in Fuzhou each year, sponsored oncology conferences in Hebei and other places, held a banquet for cancer patients in Beijing and Nanjing, helped the Cancer patients in Shanghang poverty-stricken areas together with China Cancer Foundation  in 2015, and donated loving Reishi products valued at millions of RMB to cancer patients across the country in 2018 anti-cancer week.

From high-quality product development to spiritual and material assistance, GANOHERB closely links the smooth recovery of cancer patients with corporate development. In the future, GANOHERB will continue to march and cheer for "love"!