GANOHERB Academician Workstations Won Praise From Experts for Continuous Innovation

- Oct 29, 2018-

On October 25th, Sun Xiaofeng,  Party Member and Vice Chairman of Beijing Association for Science and Technology, led a team of 17 people to GANOEHRB Group headquarter to investigate the operation of the GANOHERB Academician Workstation, accompanied by leaders of science and technology association in Fujian and Fuzhou including Wu Li, Party Member and Vice Chairman of Fuzhou Association for Science and Technology.

In the GANOHERB Cultural Exhibition Hall, Li Xiaoyu, Vice President of GANOHERB Group, briefed the research team on the development of GANOHERB in the past 19 years and the achievements of the enterprise in the fields of planting, scientific research and deep processing in recent years. Subsequently, Prof. Yao Weixi, a former researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chief Scientist of GANOHERB, reported to the research team the operation of GANOHERB Academician workstation.


Vice President Li Xiaoyu introduced GANOHERB Group to the research team

Vice Chairman Wu Li pointed out after listening to the report, "GANOHERB established the first academician workstation in Fuzhou agricultural system in cooperation with Academician Yu Dequan and Researcher Chen Ruojun of Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2010. The technological strength and innovation ability of the Group continue to break through. The invention patents have risen to more than 20 from 3 at the establishment of the workstation. GANOHERB has become a representative enterprise that shows the advantages of Association for Science and Technology in Fuzhou City and Even in Fujian Province.


Professor Yao Weixi made a report

The research team confirmed the achievements of GANOHERB Academician workstation. “The continuous innovation capability of GANOHERB is exciting. ” Vice Chairman Sun Xiaofeng concluded, “The academician workstation of GANOHERB has achieved remarkable achievements within a few years. It is inseparable from the company’s high attention to technology research and development as well as its enterprising spirit of perseverant innovation. We look forward to building a talent exchange platform in the future to seek cooperation opportunities. I also wish that GANOHERB can continue to give full play to the advantages of technological innovation and create better Reishi Mushroom products for the people."