GANOHERB's Deep Processing Technology Impressed The Research Experts Of The Ministry Of Agriculture And Rural Affairs

- Sep 18, 2018-

On September 12, a group of experts including Yang Yang, Deputy Director of the Agricultural Products Processing Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Xie Qizhen, Chief Engineer of  the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Engineering Planning and Design, visited GANOHERB group accompanied by Su Rongmao, Assistant Station Head of Agricultural Products Processing and Promotion Main Station of Fujian provincial Department of  Agriculture. They deeply exchanged the fruitful achievements of GANOHERB in deep processing and developing Ganoderma Lucidum , and discussed how to promote the high-quality development of deep-processed agricultural products.


Vice President Li Xiaoyu and Chief Engineer Wu Changhui of GANOHERB Group warmly received the research team. Through on-the-spot viewing and reporting, GANOHERB introduced to the experts that GANOHERB has always been devoted to independent innovation since its establishment, and has built a research and development team with academicians, experts, scholars, doctors and masters as the main technical backbone to mainly address key technical issues and bottlenecks in the Ganoderma lucidum industry. The company has implemented the global GAP standardized organic cultivation,  standardized production, scientific research and innovation. By producing and processing high-quality and safe agricultural products, GANOHERB has been exerting its brand effect, improving enterprise efficiency and driving more farmers to get rid of poverty and become rich. In this way, GANOHERB has played the leading role in reducing poverty through industrial development as a national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization. 

During the discussion, the research team fully affirmed that GANOHERB, as one of the earliest enterprises which have established the national edible fungus processing technology research and development sub-center, actively constructed and shared the scientific research platform, and explored the recent achievements in revitalizing the rural areas by innovating agricultural technology in the management of the whole industry chain.


“GANOHERB, as the representative of Fujian edible fungi enterprises, stayed true to the mission and adhered to the originality, and strictly controlled the product quality throughout the whole industry chain.” Xie Qizhen, Chief Engineer of the research team, nodded in appreciation while Yang Yang praised repeatedly that GANOHERB has taken the lead in the industry including the construction of the plantations, quality control, deep processing,  poverty alleviation through agricultural industrialization, brand building and cultural promotion. She also said that the development mode of GANOHERB provides some reference for the most of agricultural enterprises, even the whole industry of Reishi Mushroom .


Yang Yang, Deputy Director of the Agricultural Products Processing Research 

Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences  


Xie Qizhen, Chief Engineer of  the Chinese Academy of 

Agricultural Engineering Planning and Design

Subsequently, both sides exchanged views on how to promote the transformation and upgrading of agricultural enterprises and how to accelerate the healthy and orderly development of the Lingzhi industry. During their talks, they emphasized that enterprises should rely on science and technology to develop themselves, firmly establish the concept of quality, integrity, brand development, build a whole process of quality control and traceability system, and promote efficient utilization of recycled resources. The research team expressed that they would collect the suggestions of the enterprises, borrow their experiences in development, continue to improve the relevant industrial policies and provide a healthy and sustainable environment for the agricultural enterprises.