Fujian Pharmacological Society Congress And Academic Symposium Held The Pharmacological Research Of Ganoderma Lucidum Has Attracted Much Attention

- Dec 05, 2017-

On November 25, the Fifth Academic Symposium  of the Second Congress of the Pharmacological Society was held in Fujian Medical University. More than 170 pharmacists from all over the province exchanged ideas on this platform.


Professor Lin Zhibin of Peking University Health Science Center, researcher Du Guanhua of Institute of pharmaceutical research in Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, researchers Zhang Yongxiang and Zhou Wenxia of Academy of Military Medical Sciences, and Professor Yao Guang of the University of Arizona etc. conducted academic reports in different fields. Ganoherb, as a leading enterprise in Chinese edible fungi industry of Ganoderma factory, was also invited to share research results at the conference.

After the opening ceremony, and an open, fair and impartial vote, the second council of Provincial Pharmacological Society announced the list of the candidates for the second council. The president of the group, Li Ye, was elected as the executive council of the current council again.


Professor Lin Zhibin of Peking University Health Science Center came to power to make an academic reports

In the afternoon's report, the research and application of edible fungi attracted wide attention. Professor Lin Zhibin introduced rigorously of the differences and functions between edible fungi and medicinal fungi, and he also pointed out that China is just a big country of edible fungi, not a powerful country of edible fungi from the field of pharmacology. He suggested that Edible fungi can be further developed and processed through deep processing to extract the active ingredients in edible fungi and develop food and even drugs with specific functions, so that it not only prevent and treat disease in people’s daily life, but also can improve the additonal value of products and promote the rapid development of edible fungi industry of Reishi wholesale.


The academic report of professor Yao Guang  which shared the tumor mechanism 

Professor Yao Guang , who is from the Systems Biology Department of University of Arizona,  also pointed out in his report that eliminating cancer stem cells may help reduce or even prevent the possibility of recurrence of postoperative cancer. However, cancer stem cells are hardly destroyed in chemotherapy. Since 2013, the team of University of Arizona, Ganoherb and Fujian Medical University found in a national research project of international scientific and technologica cooperation that two components ergosterol peroxide and ganoderma lucidum ketone in Ganoderma lucidum have a special utility in activating tumor stem cells, and inducing the tumor stem cells to the scope of chemotherapy. The relevant research has achieved initial results. At present,Ganoherb R & D team is still doing more systematic and in-depth research to develop more valuable new anti-tumor products.


As one of the co-organizers of this meeting, the scientific research representatives of Ganoherb also invited to made an academic report about " The effect of Ganoderma lucidum on the immune function of mice " to share some of the latest research results of the research team of Ganoherb  in Ganoderma pharmacology with Delegates.


A group photo of Vice President Li Xiaoyu ,  Ganoherb R & D personnel and various experts and scholars


 Provincial Food and Medicinal Fungi Industry Association Consortium set up a symposium scene

Provincial Food and Medicinal Fungi Industry Association Consortium set up a symposium scene, at that night, Ganoherb, represented by edible medicinal fungus enterprises, provincial experts in medicinal fungi industry and the provincial pharmacological experts gathered together to discuss "how to use Pharmacological advantages of resources, to develop the medicinal value of edible fungi more effectively. " Nowadays, the establishment of the provincial edible fungi industry alliance just provides such a platform, making our province of pharmacological resources and edible fungi resources combined,  accelerating the inter-industry cooperation and ultimately promoting the edible and medicinal fungus industry of Ganoderma supplier faster and better development and benefiting the health of the general public. 

The conference was jointly organized by Fujian Pharmacological Society, Fujian Medical University School of Pharmacy, Fujian Provincial Key Laboratory of Natural Pharmacology, Fujian Ganoherb Biotechnology Group, and Fujian Edible Fungus Industry Association for Enterprise Innovation and Cooperation.