Friends Traveled Halfway Around The World To Visit Ganoderma In Pucheng

- Jul 26, 2018-

On July 22nd, the 2018 Ganoderma Cultural Festival of " Seeking Ganoderma in Idyllic Pucheng" come to an end. More than 50 partners from the United States, Italy, Thailand, Laos and other countries traveled halfway around the world to visit GANOHERB organic Ganoderma base at the source of the Minjiang River. Accompanied by President Li Ye and Vice President Li Xiaoyu, they also visited the GANOHERB Science and Technology Industrial Park and GANOHERB Group Headquarters.



Foreign guests were exploring GANOHERB Ganoderma lucidum base in Pucheng

After enjoying the spectacularity and beauty of GANOHERB Ganoderma base and the modern Ganoderma industrial park, on the afternoon of the 22nd, the guests moved to the headquarters of Fuzhou GANOHERB Group. Upon entering the Ganoderma cultural exhibition hall, they were filled with admiration for various honors and exquisites. "United Nations Demonstration Base of  Plantation and Processing Technology of Edible-medicinal Fungi, United Nations Special Contribution Award for South-South Cooperation, Space Ganoderma Deep-processing and Research Demonstration Base, China's top ten brands of Ganoderma. Great!" After learning about GANOHERB’s over 20 years of development history and her various achievements in science and technology, the guests could not help but praise again and again.



As the benchmarking enterprise of organic Ganoderma in China, GANOHERB has always adhered to the authentic preparing concept of traditional Chinese medicine, insisting on the organic cultivation of Lingzhi. The raw materials and products of Ganoderma combine the dual requirements of nature and high efficiency. Foreign guests said, ” As early as 2006, our founder spent more than a year searching the best Ganoderma in China and visited most of China. The Ganoderma Lucidum in Fujian Wuyi Mountain was the most exciting thing for us. GANOHERB is the representative of Fujian Ganoderma. Especially the "rigor" of GANOHERB’s standards of cultivation and processing is of great interest to us.”

In the conversation between the two parties, Chairman Li Ye said, ” Ten years of strategic cooperation and ten years of common growth are everyone's recognition of the quality of the Xianzhilou Ganoderma lucidum and the company's strength. The International Ganoderma Cultural Festival held this time attracted the attention of the world to GANOHERB. In the future deeper cooperation, GANOHERB will make every effort to provide better services and high-quality products. Both sides will work together to promote the ancient Chinese Ganoderma culture to the world and let Reishi Mushroom benefit more people.”