China Academy Of Medical Sciences Announced The Ganoherb Ganoderma Landed On Space

- Aug 01, 2017-

on july 5, by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Institute of Medicinal Plants, the International Association of Ganoderma lucidum co-sponsored, Fujian Xianzhi floor biotechnology group, Fuzhou Jinshan Industrial Park Management Committee, Fujian Provincial Association for the study of Chinese medicine, Fujian Province, edible And the provincial and municipal edible fungus industry associations at the same time co-organized the "first session of the International Lingzhi Culture Festival launch ceremony" and "space Lingzhi floor Xiandi floor conference" held in Fuzhou grand. Activities have been the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, China Edible Fungi Association and the Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Exchange Center of the strong support and attract a large number of industry experts and scholars and provinces and cities to witness the presence of a number of media personnel.


PRESIDENT Li Ye introduced the space Ganoderma project cooperation

At the launching ceremony, Li Ye, Chairman of the Group, first delivered a speech. According to him, since the creation of immortal building has been the breeding of varieties as the source of Ganoderma Road quality, not only self-built GAP standardized Ganoderma lucidum cultivation base and modern Ganoderma Research Center, and in 2014 in Pucheng new 80 acres of Organic Ganoderma Ecological Expo Park, for enterprises and research institutes to provide places for Ganoderma cultivation test. As early as many years ago, Xianzhi House and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Institute of Medicinal Plant to establish long-term cooperative relations, common Ganoderma lucidum space breeding research, after years of cultivation experiments and breeding, has been successfully Ganoderma lucidum space cultivation into reality The


Sun Xiaobo, Director of Institute of Medicinal Plants, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

Sun Xiaobo, director of the Institute of Medicinal Plants of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, subsequently announced that the project was officially established. The space breeding is a new way of agricultural breeding, which integrates aerospace technology, biotechnology and agricultural breeding technology. The use of space special environment (high vacuum, cosmic high energy ion radiation, cosmic magnetic field, high clean) mutagenic effect, so that the seeds produce variation, and then return to the ground breeding new varieties. Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Institute of Medicinal Plants and Xianzhi House Group, respectively, as engaged in traditional Chinese medicine and medicinal plant research and professional institutions of Ganoderma lucidum health industry leader, to explore the Ganoderma Space Breeding new technology, the establishment of space Ganoderma supplier cultivation base, Will bring new market prospects for Ganoderma lucidum industry.


Ganoherb was awarded the "space Ganoderma lucidum cultivation and deep processing research demonstration base"

After the announcement of the project, Sun Xiaobo director for the Xianzhi floor group awarded "space Ganoderma lucidum cultivation and deep processing research demonstration base." Karl Schebesta, senior director of the Agriculture Department of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), delivered a speech on the new research on Ganoderma lucidum breeding, and wished the first International Lingzhi Cultural Festival a success.


Mr. Karl Schebesta, Senior Officer, Department of Agriculture, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, congratulated

Professor Lin Zhibin, president of the International Ganoderma Research Institute, also pointed out from the Ganoderma Pharmacological Research, the immortal cultivation of Ganoderma lucidum, which can effectively solve the dilemma of Ganoderma lucidum, the single species and seed degradation, will promote the benign of Ganoderma lucidum industry from the source development of.


Professor Lin Zhibin, Chairman of the International Ganoderma Research Society, delivered a speech on the spot

In addition, Professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Association of Fujian Province, Professor Liu Xianxiang also delivered a speech from the field of Chinese medicine in the field of Ganoderma lucidum project on the cause of Chinese medicine to promote the cause of health.


Professor Liu Xianxiang, president of Fujian Provincial Association for the Promotion of Traditional Chinese Medicine, congratulated

12 invited guests officially launched the "first international Ganoderma Culture Festival"

At the launching ceremony, the organizer of the fairy floor of the ground by a graceful sand painting performances, the Ganoderma lucidum grass across the millennium of the heavy culture of a vivid interpretation. By the Taiwan Ganoderma industry veteran media Wu Tingyao presided over the collection Lin Zhibin, Sun Xiaobo, Xu Jianhua, Li Ye and other areas of the industry's big coffee dialogue salon, as the finale of this event, from many aspects, multi-angle discussion of Ganoderma lucidum industry The future and how to benefit human health.


Ganoderma industry big coffee dialogue salon

The International Cultural Festival is following the 2016 International Ganoderma Assembly, the fairy floor once again held an international Ganoderma feast, will be set "Chi Chi, Chi Chi, reward Chi, listen to Chi, Chi Zhi" five activities, through the release of the new book " Ganoderma lucidum, wonderful words, "million people visit the source of Ganoderma lucidum, listen to well-known experts and scholars nationwide tour, in the base of the immortal building shoots to participate in photography contest series of exciting activities to describe the beauty of Ganoderma, let the world All know, good Ganoderma lucidum in China, in Fujian, in the immortal building, but also to modern knowledge of Ganoderma lucidum, scientific application of human health life.