Cangshan Mayor Liang Dong Make Research On GANOHERB

- Dec 28, 2017-

December 26, Mayor of Cangshan District, Fuzhou, led by Dong Liang, director of leading departments in charge of direct departments in charge of the leadership line to GANOHERB research.

Accompanied by chairman Li Ye, Mayor Liang Dong and his entourage visited the cents Zhilou research center and production workshop located in the Orange Park Chau Industrial Park. The site examined the production and R & D processes, the quality management system, the products Category construction and so on. In the meantime, Mr. Liang Dong asked about the construction of GANOHERB patented technology and academician workstation project in the field of Ganoderma lucidum and exchanged the main marketing mode of the current company and the current development trend of the health food industry with Chairman Li Ye.


Chairman Li Ye introduced the production workshop workflow for Liang Dong and his entourage



Li Ye, chairman of the board of directors for the introduction of GANOHERB products

During the symposium, Mr. Liang Dong and his entourage watched the corporate videos of GANOHERB and listened to Chairman Li Ye's difficulties in resolving the development of the enterprise and suggestions on policies. Liang Dong said that cents Chi House is a good private enterprise, hope Sin Chi House in the future to accelerate innovation and development, bigger and stronger, growing into an international business card companies. In the future, the district will intensify the support for such capable and promising enterprises in GANOHERB reishi spore oil so as to help enterprises to solve the problems they encountered in their development and allow them to take off earlier.


Mr. Liang Dong and his entourage listened to Chairman Li Ye's report on the business development of GANOHERB