Wuyi virgin forest to build organic Ganoderma base

- Mar 15, 2017-

Wuyi virgin forest to build organic Ganoderma base

Ganoderma specialists find out that the virgin forest area in Mt.Wuyi is the most ideal place for growing 

Ganoderma lucidum. With the most appropriate climatic and geographic conditions for growing Ganoderma lucidum

and free from pollution,this area is an ideal place for Ganoderma cultivation.


Self-built base; Pure environment

GanoHerb choose Ganoderma plantation with stringent criteria. The area should be pollution-free around 300

square meters with the right temperature and the amount of rainfall, which provides the ideal conditions for 

cultivating ganoderma. GanoHerb choose sites with high quality water, convenient drainage, ventilation, loose 

soil, and weak acidity for cultivation.


During the plantation construction, GanoHerb carefully test water, soil, air, etc. to create the most ideal

place to cultivate Ganoderma. All GanoHerb's plantation have obtained the organic certification from USA, EU,

Japan and China. In order to guarantee the smooth circulation of air and each Ganoderma have right amount of 

sunshine and rainfall, GanoHerb's plantations size are strictly controlled.