Log-cultivated, one log one reishi

- Feb 21, 2017-

Since 1989, GanoHerbhas more than 20 years experience in imitation of wild ganoderma cultivation. GanoHerb chose independent Ganoderma species which identified by the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology, use natural wood for the culture medium and inspection qualified mountain spring water for irrigation. The growth of ganoderma is large ,beautiful and thick. Which has the best effect. GanoHerb’s organic reishi OEM suppliers was designed in strict accordance with international GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) standards. Every drop of mountain spring water GanoHerb using are subject to stringent testing to ensure clean safe; three years fallow after two years cultivation. Leaving only Ganoderma lucidum by Ganoherb lingzhi manufacturers on each log each year to ensure that every ganoderma lucidum has ample nourishment. No chemical fertilizers, pesticides, hormones and transgenic technology in the whole plantation procedure and completely manual weeding and disinsection. Strictly controlling the temperature and humidity ,and create the most suitable imitation wild cultivation environment for the ganoderma lucidum. Thus, ensure safe and reliable quality, and passed the organic certification from China, the United States, Japan, and EU. GanHerb created a set of organic farming process. Controlling from the source to ensure GanoHerb management quality.