Gospel for Patients with Chronic Bronchitis

- Jun 20, 2018-

Chronic bronchitis is a chronic non-specific inflammation that occurs in the tracheas, bronchial mucosa, and their surrounding tissues. The clinical manifestations are coughing, sputum, or wheezing. Severe cases can develop into obstructive emphysema or pulmonary heart disease.

Lingzhi has its own specific therapeutic efficacy on chronic bronchitis.

According to the statistics collected from 11 hospitals on 1,180 patients, Lingzhi has an average effective rate of 80%. The highest curing rate is 97.6% while the lowest accounts for 60%. Significant efficacy (including clinical control and recent cure) undulated between 75% and 20%.

Lingzhi products strengthen the body by improving sleep quality, appetite, energy and resistance to flu. Its medicinal effect appears after 1-2 weeks and significant efficacy will appear through extended treatment. Ganoderma Lucidum can be particularly effective for deficiency-cold syndrome diagnosed by TCM as featuring coughing, excessive phlegm and having chills. Lingzhi has very few side effects and is mild and non-toxic.

In fact, the efficacy of Reishi Mushroom to treat bronchitis lies in its immunity-enhancing function. By virtue of immunity improvement, cold prevention, stimulant reduction and inflammation avoidance, bronchitis could be alleviated. Put another way,” strengthening a person’s natural defense system” is exactly the basis of Reishi’s effective treatment for chronic bronchitis.

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