Ganoherb enterprise culture

- Mar 17, 2017-

Become the spreader for health culture of organic Ganoderma.It is believed that nature nourishes the growth of all things on earth; with the improved science and technology, all energy from the nature is easier to be absorbed; the traditional health food, with cohesive value from inheriting, needs more exploration and cognition.

Therefore, we are insisting to take advantage of organic Ganoderma which imitating the ancient cultivation and research and develop new technology, to let customers get nutritious of Ganoderma more conveniently and effectively. Popularizing the health culture of Ganoderma to overall society is our responsibility. Our marketing and education system is leading people from different countries and races to enjoy the health culture of Ganoderma, improve life quality and have a wonderful life.


Create a sustainable career platform.Improve life quality with premium quality product.Through a way closer to society development, we are innovating the training and awarding method to promote staff's energy and ambition.We are continuously innovating science and technology to provide product which could satisfy even exceed customers' expectation.

Train & Development

We believe a healthy body is the precondition to pursue and accomplish dreams and goals. With the organic-cultivated, high-tech and innovating health food, GanoHerb help you keep strong in current high-pressure and polluted environment.Integrity is the base of living. Our training system could help promote individual knowledge and skill, deepen self-restraint, become positive, open, sincere and reliable, respect themselves and others, and surely able to excellent. 

Enjoy Career
We believe only insisting could help established in the society. GanoHerb provide a sustainable developing career platform and verify the successful business model; insisting would set up the career.Enjoy the career to lay the foundation of building harmonious family, warm society and higher pursuit. 

Harmonious World
Expend the respect of the aged in one's family to that of other families; expend the love of the young ones in one's family to that of other families. Our team support and learn together to create sympathetic environment; after self-actualization, also serve the society to share success, create harmonious world and wonderful life.

Value: Integrity, Innovation, Persistence, Share