Ganoderma lucidum environment

- Sep 20, 2016-

Ganoderma lucidum, also known as spirits in the forest, the forest growth is the best, highest efficacy. Currently some greenhouse, mainly grow in more humid places.

High temperature Ganoderma fungus, can grow in between 15~35℃ and optimal temperature for 25~30℃. Fruiting bodies in the context of 10~32℃ could grow, but primordia and the optimum temperature for fruiting body development 25~28℃. Less than 25 ℃, the fruiting body grows slowly, bad skin color; above 35 degrees centigrade, fruiting experience death. Growth of Ganoderma lucidum need high humidity. With the increase of temperature between day and night, mycelium full time.

Mycelial growth, demand media content of 55%~60%, air relative humidity 70%~80%. Fruiting body development, air relative humidity requirements at 90%~95%. If it is below 80%, seeds bad quality of experience, young growing points of the pileus edge will become dark grey or dark brown.

Ganoderma lucidum is aerobic fungus, its growth and development of the whole process needed fresh air. Especially the fruiting stage, more sensitive to carbon dioxide. When increased levels of carbon dioxide in the air 0.1%, the fruiting bodies can't open umbrellas, antler-like branches, containing up to 1%, the fruiting body develops abnormally, without any differentiation, forming malformations.

Ganoderma lucidum in the growth process is very sensitive to light and light have a significant inhibitory effect on Mycelial growth, Matt dark grows the fastest when increased to 3000 Lux, illuminance, half the growth rate only under conditions of darkness. Fruiting body growth and development necessary illumination, 1500~5000 Lux, Stipe, pileus growth rapid, robust, cover thickness.