Ganoderma Coffee: Health and Enjoy

- Apr 13, 2017-

1989 ganoherb floor biotechnology founder of wood organic Ganoderma lucidum base, Ganoderma lucidum in China and the world research and application areas more and more widely.

       Coffee is a stimulating and refreshing agent, also known as the tonic in the international arena. Can stimulate the cerebral cortex, eliminate sleepiness, increase the feeling and thinking and the ability to promote cardiac function of the cardiac, but also the expansion of renal blood vessels, diuretic and so on. And then take too much caffeine can also cause serious negative effects, prone to tinnitus hyperthyroidism (heart beat quickly, pulse increased, insomnia) and pulse beating uneven. Now more and more coffee producers are trying to reduce the harm of caffeine to the human body by adding health care ingredients. Experiments show that in the coffee by adding the right amount of immortal Chili powder, can reduce the damage caused by caffeine on the human body, to achieve the effectiveness of human health care. 

       Please join the Chicken  Ingredients as a coffee companion [every 13 grams of coffee (2 tablespoons) + 1 gram of Ganoderma lucidum powder], while enjoying the irresistible taste of coffee while protecting the health of yourself and their families.