Cultivation technology of Ganoderma lucidum

- Sep 20, 2016 -

Building shed site selection

Select insulation moisture, ventilation, light, moderate, good drainage smooth, easy management of Ganoderma lucidum shed Studio requires clean, walls smooth, resistant to humidity. Awning size depending on the culture medium of Ganoderma lucidum, and built in the Woods in General, houses the forest shade, close to the water is most suitable.

Mushroom shed strict disinfection before the compost into the shed, per cubic meter of space with formaldehyde 5 ml and 10 grams of potassium permanganate sealed fumigation for 24 hours. Spring planting in April-May the best autumn 9-10 months is best.

Plant ingredients production

Plant ingredients available cottonseed hull 77%, 10% bran, corn powder, 10%, sugar, fertilizer and gypsum 1%; or wood chips 70%, 25% bran, soy powder, 2%, p 1%, gypsum 1.5% and 0.5% compounded with sugar. Preparation, cottonseed hulls, sawdust, wheat bran, raw materials such as gypsum powder and mix, water 60%~65%, to hand when you hold your fingers with water overflow but not to drop as well. After planting, mix well with bag bag, plastic bag use 15 cm x 35 cm or 17 cm by 33 cm of polypropylene or polyethylene tube and packed with bags of dried 400~450 grams. Polyethylene bags 10-12 hours under normal pressure sterilization, Polypropylene plastic bag by autoclaving for 2 hours until cooled to below 30 c in sterile laboratory inoculation. 1 bottle of wheat seed inoculation planting material 40~45 bag, 1 bottle of cultivated cotton seed hulls can be inoculated culture feeding 25~35 bags. Will have been vaccinated with the bag into the disinfection well indoors, tiered emissions, emissions per 6~8-storey, bent row between channels, flipping up and down once a week, ensure the bag temperature equilibrium, increases oxygen in the bag, bacteria, while removing bags of green mold of microbial contamination.