Bitter medicine - the most promising small molecule drugs

- Sep 18, 2017-

Ganoderma lucidum bitter taste from which triterpenoids, triterpenoids are fat-soluble small molecules, such molecules can usually enter the body of the cells inside the task, it is macromolecules and Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides are very different.

The history of thousands of years of widespread use shows the efficacy of Ganoderma lucidum in cancer or various metabolic diseases (such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, etc.), although the accumulation of experience is believed to be effective, But this almost "can cure" the effect can not help but feel confused. However, if the cause of the disease have some understanding, and then by the Ganoderma lucidum rich triterpenoid small molecules to think, you can understand the treatment of a variety of diseases is not exaggerated.

First, abnormal cell information transmission caused by disease. Our bodies have cells that are composed of cells that originate from a spermatozoon that binds to an egg. During the development of the embryo, the fertilized egg is increased by a number of cells and undergoes a differentiated step to form the heart, , Liver, skin, eyes, ears, nose, mouth ... ... and other different functions of the organ. All organs come from the same cell and therefore have the same genetic code - DNA.

The characteristics of each person through the DNA on behalf of the code from generation to generation, this password also command cells to produce tens of thousands of proteins to perform a variety of tasks to maintain the normal growth of cells and physiological stability. There are many proteins in the cells which play the role of messenger, division of labor also contain each other to form a complex information transmission network.

To cancer, for example, for the cause of cancer, scientists have long found that DNA mutation will lead to malignant cell growth caused by cancer. In recent years, it has also been found that the mutation of DNA leads to the defect of protein, excessive or loss of the ability to contain each other, leading to the imbalance of the information transmission network, the main cause of many cancers, and the use of drug correction of this information transmission can be cancer The cells go to normal.

In addition to causing cancer, because the protein messenger abnormalities can also cause other diseases, so the use of small molecules into the cells inside the regulation of protein function can also treat other diseases, which makes small molecule drug research and development become the current scientific community is very keen Of the subject. Second, small molecule drugs for targeted therapy

Because of the tireless efforts of biomedical scientists and the progress of molecular biology knowledge, the causes of the disease are becoming increasingly clear, so the treatment of the disease has a new strategy called "target therapy". There have been many studies that have found that small molecule drugs can target cell-mediated cell delivery networks, and that some targeted treatments have been successfully used clinically.

One of the most successful examples is the use of Gleevec, Glivec in the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), which has been used since 2001 to treat blood cancer. The results are good, according to statistics, Seven-year survival rate of up to 86%, than the average effect of bone marrow transplantation therapy is very good 50 to 60% higher. More exciting is the specificity of the role of targeted therapy, making fewer side effects and low risk, is a high risk of bone marrow transplantation and chaos gun-type chemotherapy drug therapy can not be compared.

Patients are willing to accept the convenience of medication, the daily oral four can control cancer as a simple control of high blood pressure or diabetes, cancer seems no longer an incurable disease. Chronic myeloid leukemia This disease is due to the DNA recombination of white blood cells caused by the Philadelphia chromosome, and the manufacture of abnormal tyrosine kinase (tyrosine kinase), this abnormal protein messenger in the information transmission network can not be controlled, so that The increase in the number of white blood cells caused by blood cancer.

This combination of the use of Gallic into the blood cancer cells and abnormal protein carrier combined to suppress his activity, close the signal to stimulate the growth of cancer cells to stop the growth of blood cancer cells, is the so-called "target therapy" concept. The success stories of Jurik and other target drugs have made scientists more interested in the development of small molecule drugs.

Third, Ganoderma supplier triterpene is a potential small molecule drugs.For the confusion of Ganoderma lucidum, the concept of cellular information transfer from the above may be explained, that is, the protein messenger is often the same or similar in the cells of different organs (the number of differences ), Or the network context is different.

Small molecule drugs act on the protein carrier, through the ability to regulate his communication to correct the path of the network, so that the normal function of cells to cure the disease. In the natural chemical chemists for two or three years under the efforts of the Ganoderma triterpen has been isolated and identified nearly two hundred species, of which a dozen are proven to have valuable pharmacological effects, it is likely that there are many Triterpenoid molecules have the activity to correct the path of the information network, but have not been confirmed by scientists.

By thousands of years of Asian people taking Ganoderma lucidum as a health supplements and cure medicine history, we believe that the ingredients of Ganoderma lucidum has its biochemical activity exists. However, the basis of supporting the efficacy of Ganoderma lucidum can not only be widely taken history, should be based on today's biomedical knowledge, design a different test system to be verified, so that the effectiveness of reishi mushroom to obtain scientific evidence to support. As the different varieties of Ganoderma lucidum triterpenes contained in the types and content are different, so as a healthy food, carefully selected varieties and sources is also very important.