1.Our History

Ganoherb Technology Corporation is famous in the ganoderma industry. During the past over 28 years, Ganoherb is engaging in the research, cultivation, manufacturing and marketing of organic ganoderma lucidum and has gradually established and improved its modern enterprise structure.


2. Our Factory

At the virgin forests along Mt. Wuyi, Xianzhilou has established its Global G.A.P. ganoderma plantation with organic certifications obtained from China, US, EU and Japan. And in Fuzhou, Xianzhilou has set up an Asian leading R&D center for further-processing of ganoderma. It has passed the GMP standardization, ISO22000:2005 and HACCP certification procedures. Our company has been recognized as a “High-Tech Enterprise in Fujian”, a “Leading Enterprise in Fujian Agriculture Industry”, the “Fujian Research Center for Medicinal Fungi Engineering”, a “Top Ten Academician Workstation in Fujian”, and the “National R&D Center for Edible Fungi Processing”. And our company is the authorized agent to assume the composition of the national standards in Ganoderma Spore Powder and Ganoderma Lucidum Extract in Health Food Raw Materials. 

3.Our Planting Base

Ganoderma specialists find out that the virgin forest area in Mt.Wuyi is the most ideal place for growing Ganoderma lucidum. With the most appropriate climatic and geographic conditions for growing Ganoderma lucidum and free from pollution,this area is an ideal place for Ganoderma cultivation.

GanoHerb choose Ganoderma plantation with stringent criteria. The area should be pollution-free around 300 square meters with the right temperature and the amount of rainfall, which provides the ideal conditions for cultivating ganoderma. GanoHerb choose sites with high quality water, convenient drainage, ventilation, loose soil, and weak acidity for cultivation.



4.Our Product

The proprietary products developed by Xianzhilou amount to more than 100 varieties. The products have been sold to more than 20countries and regions, including US, Canada, Australia, the Philippines, Japan and Hong Kong. They bring great satisfaction to and enjoy good reputations among our customers around the world. The revenues and exports of our products that increase very year make XIanzhilou a leading player in Chinese ganoderma business.

5.Product Application

According to the standards of ISO22000:2005 and HACCP, Xianzhilou has established a food safety management system, to ensure the food safety in production, processing, manufacturing and eating. Besides, our company has also established a well-rounded GMP system in our plantations, which guarantees the high quality of our products. 

6.Our Certificate

According to the 1st level document, Food Safety Management Manual, our company composes the 2nd level documents, Management of Purchasing, Management of Processing, Management of Customer Feedback, Management of Corrective And Preventive Actions and HACCP Plan And Operational Prerequisite Program, and the 3rd level documents on the SOP of plantation, production, quality, facility and sanitation, etc. Our company conducts the day-to-day management, according to the established SMP, SOP standards. There will be two or more internal supervisions and one management review, to ensure the effective operation of management system.

To improve the competitiveness of our products and to satisfy our customers, our company passed the organic certifications in the US, EU, Japan and China as well as HALAL and KOSHER certifications, which help to meet more demands from different customer groups and launch a firm foundation for our oversea sales.


7.Production Equipment

GanoHerb Technology (Fujian) Corporation, founded in 2009, is inheriting the vision of our parent company-Fujian Xianzhilou Biological Science and Technology Co., Ltd., which is passing on the millennia health culture and contributing to wellness for all. We are striving to achieve excellence whether on the organic cultivation or extraction and further-processing technique, and provide products with premium quality to spread health culture of organic ganoderma and give back to the society.

GanoHerb locates in Ronghua Mountain Industrial Park, Pucheng, Nanping, Fujian, with 60 million registered capitals, 180 million total investment, 238 mu covering area; above 20,000 square meters factory area. The project is constituted by three phases: the first phase, with 60 million of investment, has constructed traditional Chinese medicine decoction workshop, cell-wall breaking workshop, edible and medicinal fungi extraction workshop, natural health food preparation workshop; the construction of second phase, with 70 million of investment, includes the strains of ganoderma lucidum and cordyceps sinensis mycelium workshop, mycelium fermented cultivation workshop, annual capacity of ganoderma and cordyceps reaching to 6000 tons; the third phase, with 50 million of investment, is planning to construct cultural square of ganoderma and medicinal fungi museum. Once the project finished, the output value of GanoHerb will break through 1 billion in five years, and become the leading technical R&D base of global ganoderma industry, production base of edible-medicinal fungi and traditional Chinese medicine, demonstration base of ecological and recyclable agriculture, creativity base of health and tourism.